Sunday, February 23, 2014

He's 2!!!!

We celebrated Benson's 2nd birthday on the 4th, since his actual birthday (the 5th)  fell on a Sunday.  Just like last year, I was thinking of fun themes and ideas for months before the birthday, but when it came down to it I just let it get to the last minute without being prepared.  That's kind of my story.  But, it didn't matter at ALL.  It was such a fun night.  Benson loved every second of it, and even now 6 weeks later he says "Happy Birthday" any time he is happy of excited about anything.  It's adorable!

A few things  really made it a hit.

1. I did one very big thing right!  I hired Kathy Sisk to make his cake.   All I told her was that we were doing a cars/trucks/trains/planes "theme".  Benson LOVES all things that move and I just thought it was extra fitting.  Well, she went ABOVE and BEYOND!  The cake was AMAZING!  As you can see from the pictures.  She asked me if Benson has any nicknames and the only one he has is that his Lolo calls him Tarzan.  She really did think of everything.  The headlights even really lit up!

2. We had a BUNCH of balloons all over the room (thank you to Monika for coming over early and blowing them all up).  They were not hanging or anything special, just spread all over and he was in heaven! He was literally falling all over them, laughing and smiling.  He was so happy.  He loved piling them into the tent we got him and then going in there with Hailey and Addy.  As you can see from the videos, he LOVED the balloons.

3. We put together a cute picture montage to music on the PS3.  We had it playing in the background and it was just perfect to have adorable pictures of our little man's 2 years of life up on the screen while we celebrated his birthday.

4.  We put up a coloring collage on the back wall and he got markers (washable, thank goodness) as one of his presents.  He and Addy especially loved coloring "on the wall".

It really was such a great party!  We have so much love and support around us and Benson LOVES his family and they love him.  He got lots of fun presents, including his tent, coloring supplies, a grocery cart with play groceries, snacks, books and so much more!   Most importantly though, he just had a blast!

After everyone left I just sat and watched the photo montage and was overwhelmed again with the blessing Benson is in our lives and the amazing opportunity we have to be his parents.  I wished I could call or skype or text his birth mom and have her share in our beautiful day, but all I could do was just pray that she knows how loved and happy he is and how grateful we are for him.

For his actual birthday we called and skyped with family members from out of town.  He got a video or Aiden and Regan saying "Happy Birthday Benson" and he played it over and over again. He loved showing everyone his tent and the balloons!

Happy Birthday little man!  I cannot believe you are already two.  It feel like yesterday that we were holding you for the first time.  We love every second with you and love to watch you grow!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Years Eve 2013

We did not have a really eventful day on the 31st, but our night was lots of fun.  I casually mentioned to my brother Jordan (whose birthday is the 31st) that he and Melissa were welcome to come over and play games or watch a movie or something and the next thing I knew my mom and sister in law, Tiffany, were calling me to find out the plans for the party.  Haha!  We didn't mind.  It was tons of fun to have everyone come to our little apartment and play and celebrate the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.  We actually celebrated at our house last year too, so maybe it will become a tradition.  (mostly I just think it ends up being whoever has the youngest kids since they have to go to bed earliest.  For now, that is us).

The Wii is always top choice for entertainment

Ben had to "work"...

 some of our guests

Don't mind him, he's just "resting his eyes"

Auntie Missa playing with the kids

These three have a blast together

And these 2....well, let's just say they are like 2 peas in a pod

Crisantos New Years Eve 2013

 And for comparison sake...Crisantos New Years Eve 2012

2013 was a busy year for us.  We went to Hawaii for a beautiful wedding, moved to Dallas for a month, lived with my parents again for a few months, placed Archie with a great family, attempted to sell our house and failed, moved to a basement apartment, I quit the job I had been at for 6 years, Ben became the main breadwinner while finishing school, he student taught at West Lake High School, and  finished his Bachelors Degree.  WOW, busy!  And that's mentioning nothing about Benson and his huge accomplishments and growth.  We are very blessed!  Hoping 2014 will be even better!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christmas 2013-Post 3

Christmas morning was so much fun! Since we live less than a block from my parents, Santa came to their house for Benson and the other cousins.  It was an EARLY morning, but when I went in and woke Benson up and said "Merry Christmas", he had the biggest smile on his face and did not cry or complain at all about being pulled out of bed so early.  Christmas really is magical.
 Waiting for the fun to begin at 6:30 AM (or earlier)

It's Johnson tradition for Dad (Grandpa) to read the story of Christ's birth from the Bible
 Another Johnson tradition is for all the kids to line up from youngest to oldest before coming to see what Santa brought.  Benson was so excited and I love the look of anticipation on everyone's faces.
This is what they were walking into!  Santa definitely came!

 Always an orange at the bottom of the stocking.  Benson peeled and ate his right then and there.

 Benson's BIG gift this year was an amazing train table (hand me down from Aiden and Regan and AMAZING!)
 He got a few "neigh neighs" (as he calls horses) which were unknown to her handed down from Avery (thus the look on her face, lol)

He got a flashlight and some ping pong balls in his stocking.  Random, but Santa knows what the kids like.
Helping Daddy open his present.
 I think he likes it.

Benson got a lot of fun presents!  He loved them all.

 The boys playing.  I think Scotty likes the trains too!

 The choas! 
Christmas morning was a blast.  It is such a different experience with a kid.  It is all about them.  I kind of missed opening presents this year, but honestly watching Benson open and play with his presents was 100x better.  

Christmas day we all went our separate ways, but only after some shared their "passion speeches".  My dad has us prepare a 3-5 minute passion speech (talk) about something we are passionate about.  It originated a few years back because we have a very "passionate" family who like to voice our opinions, but sometimes there are too many people talking at the same time and we don't get to really voice our thoughts.  We all complain about having to do this, but it is always a great experience.