Friday, May 18, 2012


If anyone had been able to really tell me how much I would love being a mommy to this little boy......I don't know how I would have been able to wait for so long.  I could not have ever imagined it.  PURE JOY!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend and the Coast

This Mother's Day weekend was full of fun for us.  For obvious reasons this was the best Mother's Day yet for me:).  I had high hopes that my first Mothers Day as a mother would be a good one and I was not disappointed.  It really started on Thursday night.  Ben and his sister, Deidrene, decided to make us a special dinner as a gift for mothers day.  It was quite yummy.  They made steak (which was actually pork chops, but it was yummy nonetheless) and twice baked potatoes and a fun dessert.  They made sauces for both with yummy avocado and some other special stuff.  It was quite tasty and so sweet of them.  While sitting at dinner, Ben then plopped a new IPOD nano down for me and I was ecstatic!!  

The festivities continued on Friday when we drove out to Seaside on the Oregon coast to spend Mother's Day weekend with the extended Bugar family (Ben's moms side).  Ben has SO many aunties it's hard to not get them all confused.  They are all so wonderful though and we have a great time with them.  I was excited to go out to Seaside since that is where we went on our honeymoon and we have not been since.  It was so fun to go and spend the weekend in the same place we had been on our honeymoon and now with Benson in tow.  

We got there Friday evening and were greeted by Ben's cousins as well as the kids.  Everyone fell instantly in love with Benson and he LOVED all the attention.  He also seems to really enjoy listening to Tagalog.  I love that he is surrounded by so many cultures and languages.  No wonder he is such a smart kid :).  I immediately took Benson out on the patio to see the ocean.  I was so excited to share it with him.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  

Saturday we went and walked down to the beach, put our feet in the ocean, walked the boardwalk and down through the cute little downtown of Seaside.  It is an adorable little town and it was so fun to remember and re-experience the places we had gone on our honeymoon.  That night we went out to eat with the cousins, John and Noa, and their families.  Sunday morning we woke up, had tasty treats for breakfast and then left to go to the Sunday market in Astoria.  It was a fun filled weekend and we hope to get to do it again soon.

Benson with his "Lola Elizabeth".  This is Ben's mom's older sister and such a wonderful wonderful woman

Cousins...Colby, Nicholas (Nicky) and Bailey.  

Alli, Colby, Benson and Nicky.  The kids LOVED Benson

Benson's first time at the ocean.  I was SO excited to share it with him.  I LOVE the beach and the ocean and the beauty of it all.  Such a fun way to spend Mother's Day, sharing the things I love with this little man.

Benson and daddy on the beach


First time in the water, it was a bit cold

The 2 loves of my life

We had to ride the carousel, since we did on our honeymoon.  We have almost this same shot from 6 years ago.

Benson's first time on a carousel

Did I mention that I LOVE the ocean!!!  This was the view from our room.  I won't complain.
The Saturday before Mother's Day is Birth Mothers Day.  I wanted to be able to tell Benson's birth mom how much we love her and how truly grateful we are for her.  She made me a mother!  She was constantly on my mind this weekend. I just hope she knows how truly grateful we are.

I recently bought this Hello Kitty for Benson.  If you remember we bought the same on for Benson's birth mom, Sierra, on placement day.  Sierra's is a bigger version.  Benson's is just little.  I loved the idea of them having matching stuffed animals.  

I am so grateful for Benson and for the opportunity to be a mother.   I woke up this morning to my sons smiling face and all I could think was how truly blessed I am!

 Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 Months Old

At 4 months old Benson weighs 13lbs 5 oz and is 23.75 inches long.  His head is in the 75th percentile while his weight is closer to the 20th.  We LOVE this little guy!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life Lately

Although I need to post about all the many things that have happened to our little family over the past four months, I am just going to start with our recent happenings so that I don't put off updating the blog  anymore.

As of Sunday, April 29th, the Utah Crisantos are actually part of the Oregon Crisanto clan.  We "moved" up to Salem in order to spend the summer here while Ben does summer sales for Dish 1.  The opportunity came up and it just seemed like a good move to come spend time with Ben's family and have Benson get to know his Crisanto family.  We have moved from living with one set of parents to the other.   We are lucky to have families that are so supportive and willing to allow us to live with them.  We are pretty sure they are just doing it to spend time with Benson. He is too hard to resist.  I know my parents were very sad to see him go.  Honestly it made me a tiny bit sad when I realized that my parents have been with him pretty much every day since he was born, but it's only fair that both sets of grandparents get this kind of time with him though.  My other family members were also sad we would be away for four months.  Everyone loved having Benson around and it's so fun to be so close to family.  We will miss Sunday night dinners and playing games until all hours of the night with the fam.

After 2 days of driving, stopping to see friends and family along the way and then spend the night in Boise, we finally arrived on Sunday night.  We took our time driving, stopping often, in order to get Benson out of the car and give him a break.  He is not a huge fan of his carseat when he is awake, so we planned to be stopping a lot.  It was fun for us because Ben and I really enjoy road trips together, but if anyone else had been with us I think they would have wanted to kill us for stopping so much.  Sunday was my 35th birthday and was spent traveling.  We did get me a Dairy Queen blizzard to "celebrate" but that was about it.  Lolo and Lola were so excited to see Benson again and he was so excited to be out of his seat and with people who love him.  He met his aunt Elisha and then talked and cooed and screamed of happiness while hanging out.  He pretty much hasn't stopped since.  He has had so much fun being loved and cuddled with all week.  Uncle Archie has been playing his guitar and singing for him and Benson loves it.  He also loves to have his Lolo sing to him.  He is just very very loved.

I have been working from home for the past month and therefore me working from here or working from Utah, it's all the same.  Going back to work was really difficult, even though I am lucky enough to work from home.  It's been a big adjustment as well as just a large effort to make sure I am spending enough time with Benson, taking good care of him and making him a priority while getting my job done.  Living with family makes it a lot easier, but it's still hard.  I am a little nervous about how we will make it work now that Ben is going to be working full time.  While he was in school, he was home all afternoon and taking care of Benson which made my life much easier.  I am sure it will all work out, but it's a little nerve wracking to think that it's going to all be on me now.

Benson is 4 months old today and such a bundle of joy.  He really is such a happy, smiley baby.  He LOVES people.  He loves to just sit in a group and listen to us talk to each other.  He will sometimes join in with his chatting and cooing.  He smiles SO big and giggles at the funniest little things.  He is calm and easy and sweet.  He does this adorable thing when he gets really excited where he scrunches himself up and pulls his hands up to his mouth and smiles huge.  It is so very adorable.  It reminds me very much of Sierra's sister Carmen.  She did the same thing.  He loves playing on his floor mat.  He is starting to actually enjoy tummy time now that he can lift his head and reach for toys.  He loves anything that is bright and colorful.  He LOVES sleeping with daddy.  He does not sleep well with mommy, but can sleep nuzzled in Ben's "armpit" for hours.  He is extra cuddly when he wakes up from his naps and it is the sweetest thing to have him cuddle up into my neck and just lay there.  He is really getting to know mommy and daddy and smiles so big whenever one of us walks into the room.  We have decided he can say "hi".  I know you all think I am crazy, but it seriously sounds like he says hi and it is so cute. He has started sleeping with his toy monkey.  It is the cutest thing to watch him as he is falling asleep reach over to touch his monkey and as soon as he feels it his whole body relaxes. He is starting to really enjoy watching Archie the dog.  Now that we are with Ben's parents, their dog teddy is very entertaining for him.  Teddy is NOT happy about Benson, but Benson loves Teddy.

Life is great and I am going to do better at recording what's going on in our lives, cause it's a lot!