Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Nelsons Come to Oregon

Yep, this post is about something that took place 2 months ago.  There might be a few of those coming up.  Bare with me.  Oregon was a GREAT time and we had lots of fun experiences, but coming back to Utah seriously threw me for a loop.  So, we are going to be telling you all about what happened to us two months ago!

Mid June we had a visit from my sister, Kristen, and her family.  It was the first time for Benson to meet Nolan, Aiden and Regan.  It was such a fun few days.  I felt bad that I had to work most of the days they were there, but I still got to spend time with them and it was a lot of fun!  We got to eat yummy food at La Perla and walk around the cute shops in downtown Salem. We went to the coast and the free aquarium (long drive, short time at the beach, sorry guys!).  We also went to the drive in movie, which was so much fun.  It was Aiden and Regan's (and I guess Benson's) first time at the drive in and such a fun thing to share with them.  We had a full few days and we are so glad the Nelsons made the trip.  

Hanging with Uncle Nolan for the first time

I have LOVED those beautiful blue eyes since he was born!  I cannot believe Aiden is already 10!

Aiden and Regan LOVED DJ, like could not get enough of her.  She is pretty lovable, so it wasn't hard to understand.

Ben teaching Regan to box

Playing peek-a-boo.  These 2 are 10 years apart almost to the day but Benson loves his cousin Aiden.

My favorite view in the car


haha, maybe not so happy about this one.

Regan, Kristen, Aiden and Benson at the carousel at Riverfront

Out for sushi

Another family picture at the beach (this time it was Newport)

Benson's first time with his feet in the water.

It was way too cold!

Archie and DJ hung out with us and the Nelsons as well.

Me and my boy
Oregon was a blast and it was fun to share it with the Nelsons.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7 Months

7 Months Old!  How does that even happen?  

Beyond the obvious of finalization and the sealing, this month has brought with it many changes and exciting things.  We finally started giving Benson solids.  We started out with avocado and then some rice cereal and have just let it evolve from there.  For the first couple of weeks he could have taken it or left it, but lately he LOVES eating.  He likes sweet potatoes the best so far.  It is hard to feed him though because he cannot sit still.  He is trying to look everywhere and grab anything in his path at all times.  He got his first 2 teeth this month, the bottom front ones.  His first one he got July 15th.  He is starting to scoot and getting so close to crawling.  He has started to scream.  He screams when he's happy, mad, tired, name it.  He LOVES Archie the dog, even though Archie is not such a fan of him.  He has started sleeping through the night and sleeps so well in his crib.  He has totally fallen into an amazing nap/eating/sleeping schedule. Thanks to that life has calmed down for the whole family.  Benson is such a sweet, sweet baby.  He is calm and barely ever fusses or cries.  We took him swimming for the first time in Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's pool.  He didn't cry, he didn't smile.  He just kind of acted like it was nothing new.  As my brother in law said, "he is probably the most chill baby ever".  We figure its the islander coming out in him.    His fun personality is showing more and more.  He loves his daddy and laughs much more with Ben than me, but he LOVES his momma.  He has started wanting me around all the time and cries if I leave the room.  (I kind of love that).  He continues to light up our lives more than we could possibly imagine!  

First step into the pool

push ups anyone?  

first time eating solids

on hands and knees for the first time

He finally started feeding himself

loves being up high on daddy's shoulders

First time in a shopping cart.  He loved it until we went over a bump and he hit his head against the back.  Ya, not so much love after that.
Making new friends (usually girls for some reason)

Someday these two will be best buddies