Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I just had to quickly give a quick "shout out" to all those who started on one of life's greatest adventure with me 10 years ago today. May 20, 1998 I entered the MTC, called to serve in the Taiwan, Taipei mission. Before that day, I was scared to death of all that the future held. It was the unknown. But, once my family walked out of those doors and I was all alone...things all fell into place. I hadn't been in the MTC more than 5 minutes when I heard a sister behind me telling someone she was going to the Taiwan, Taipei mission. I waited for her and introduced myself. She was Susie Jackson; tall, smart and gorgeous (just ask all the Elders that asked to take their picture with her). We talked and got to know eachother on the way to getting our tags and room assignments and any missing immunizations. It was upstairs, after talking for at least 30 minutes that we were informed we were to be companions! Wow, were we excited! That was just the beginning. We had two other GREAT roomies, Sister Mecham who was going to a different Taiwan mission, so she was in our District and Sister Hutchings who would be going to Hong Kong. She was the only sister in her district. By the time we went to class to meet the rest of our district and our teachers, we were having a blast. Those poor Elders looked like they were going to pass out from fear and anxiety and then enter the annoying sisters, laughing and gigging like we had been best friends for years! That was one of the best days of my life. The MTC was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved every single second of it, and the people I met there are still my good friends today. I have lost contact with some, but never will I forget the people that were there with me as I truly gained my testimony and became a Missionary! Here's to you, Sister Jackson, Sister Mecham, Elder Scott, Elder McGrath, Elder Leavitt, Elder Diderickson, Elder Eastman, Elder Skousen, Elder Thrift, Elder Wilde! I hope you are all doing well and know how thankful I am for you and for the experience that started that day and changed my life!
The best district ever! Ya, we look a little crazy and i had to take pictures of my pictures, cause my scanner isn't working! I know, ghetto!
The 4 roomies, always finding a way to make things fun!
Me and Sister Jackson...told ya, she's gorgeous huh?!
The district in front of the Provo Temple!
The last night of the MTC with our great teachers! We loved them. (take a look at Guan Zhanglao's hair, (elder McGrath))