Sunday, April 6, 2008

I ain't scurr'd

Thats right folks, that is me in the pictures getting my face, nails, and toe nails painted. I won't be ashamed to admit that is was very relaxing. I hadn't cut my toe nails in awhile and one of the girls got the privilege to cut, file, and paint my toe nails. She will be blessed for her kind hearted service. I can definitely see why girls love going to a Spa to get "treated", though my treatment wasn't 5 star I was more than willing to lay down and be pampered. So what if I had make up on and got my nails painted? If it meant 8-12 year old girls having fun and me taking a short nap, then BRING. IT. ON. Like I said, I ain't scurr'd. I would've even paid them had they given me a foot massage, I got no shame. I would've used my bartering skills to have my feet massaged for a quarter of the going rate. I'd have low-balled them saying something around 1 or 2 dollars for the foot massage, and then used them being high on all the sugar and sweets to my advantage and sweet talked them into believing it was a good deal for them. You may all question my sales-men skills, but let me ask you; how do you think Carmen ended up marrying me?? Huh? Huh? Yeah, I got skills. I got skills with a Z even! Like, skillz. Thats how gangstah I am.
So this weekend we all had the opportunity to watch/attend/listen to General Conference. I hope we all took some time from our schedules to watch or listen. It was as uplifting as it was sanctifiying. The men and women who spoke were specifically chosen to help lead and guide us in this dispensation. It was true when the speakers pointed out how strong the presence of the Spirit was. I know I felt it. Isn't it amazing how simple the Gospel works? Really, if you boil it down, it's all about having a broken heart and contrite spirit. Once we feel an impression or prompting from the Holy Ghost all we need to is be obedient to it and simply follow it. How can you go wrong with that? And if we do fall short, there's a way where we can change, be forgiven and start all over again. It seems those two simple principles are the two basic gears that run this whole process. We live in an exciting time. All around us there are many, many blessings being placed upon our brothers and sisters. I am so grateful for my wife, I've learned tremendously through her example. She keeps me grounded, yet acknowledges my goofiness and has the patience to let me be myself. She is my friend. She has taken care of me and helped me know that God does have a plan for us, that He lives, that his Son lives, and that I can be forgiven of my sins. My relationship with her has helped me cherish my testimony of the Restoration, of Joseph Smith, and continued revelation, and that I know this is the only true and living Church. I know all this because I love her. My love for her was born out of my love for the Gospel. They are one and the same, without either I could not survive. Thank you honey for everything you do. And yes, I'll be more than happy to walk the dog. I love you.