Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Haircut

This little guy got his first haircut today.  He has always had a nice head of hair, not crazy thick or curly or anything of that sort, just good and even.  Lately it has just started to look scraggly with long pieces here and there so we decided it was time.We took him to this cute store, Cookie Cutters.  They have adorable toys as chairs and tv's at every station.  The TV kind of worked, until the clippers closed in on his ears, and then the screaming began.  The girl ended up having me pick him up and hold him for the final touches.  He was mad! I was so impressed with  her ability to continue to cut his hair while he was squirming trying to get away from her.  All in all it was a good experience. 

 We even got to keep a cute little baggy with a few of his hair clippings (which I will probably lose, despite my best intentions, so below is a picture)

Benson is growing up so fast!  We are loving experiencing all of his "firsts" with him.  Can't wait to see what is next.  
Handsome as ever, before and after

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

He's Walking!!!

I know that I have a million things I need to post and it has been WAY too long.  But, if I keep waiting for the time to post about Benson's first Christmas and New Years, being sick, his new baby cousin, etc etc etc then I probably will never blog again.   So, I am starting now and might get to those posts someday.  But, in the mean time, Benson is WALKING!

He had taken a few steps here and there between Ben and myself over the past few months but that was it.  He was content to crawl everywhere.  Then, just in the past few weeks, I started walking with him holding my hands and he loved it (my back was not loving it). This last weekend we were visiting Jessica and Avery in St George and playing outside.  He was in HEAVEN.  I have never seen him so happy and excited.  He loves the outside and just needed a bit of sunshine (so did his mommy, hence the trip to St George and Vegas).  He was playing with a ball and just like that he just stood right up, which he had never done before.  That started to be his favorite "trick".  He was SO proud and would clap for himself every time.  Such a goof!  I guess the next step was literally taking steps because last Thursday night, February 28th, right after his bath he stood up and....WALKED!  It was SO exciting and still is!  YAY Benson!

His first time standing up completely on his own!

This video was taken March 1st, the day after his first steps. 

By the way, Happy 14 months to our boy!  Love him so much!