Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

So, obviously I am done with the daily postings.  I am glad I did it and I have had a few people tell me how much they enjoyed the posts about the "little" stuff.  I really enjoyed doing it because it made me pay more attention to all of the things that happen each day, the momentous stuff that sometimes gets lost.  It has also made me more likely to pick up my camera and get photo evidence of the little things.  So, although I am no longer posting daily, I am glad I did that and hopefully will continue to post on a regular basis.  This post is just a few things from the first 2 weeks of November.

Ben and I do not decorate.  There are many reasons for this, but mostly neither of us has the creative brain nor the patience for it.  We have had these letters since Benson's first birthday and this is the first time they have been up, haha.  Yay us!

We currently have a love/hate relationship with rice in our house.  He LOVES eating it which makes me love it. is SO messy, and this kid loves messes.  Rice is practically impossible to clean :( 

He loves to copy everything we do.  Sweeping outside was his "chore" for the day.

 Lolo and Lola Crisanto sent Benson a package in the mail.  He was SUPER excited, as you can see from his expressions.  They included candy for Archie, DJ and myself and Ben.  Benson got fruit snacks.  Tita Elisha also sent him a book.  So cute.  

Notice anything out of the "ordinary" in this pile of loot.....hmmm, could it be the canned sardines?  LOL!  

Mascara.....waterproof mascara.  At least he got it in the "right" place.

He is newly obsessed with not only putting things in the toilet, but flushing them.  This rag ended up overflowing the toilet.  The best is when he rushes and throws things like my makeup, brush and so on in before I have a chance to even flush.....SICK!

I showed him the measuring tape and now it's one of his favorite toys.  There is a long history of tailors in the Crisanto line, maybe he will follow in those footsteps :)

 He is obsessed with Grandma's gum, always pulling it out.  Well, this day he QUICKLY grabbed as many pieces as he could, unwrapped them, chewed each one a little and then took them out of his mouth.  

Today he was fascinated with the vent.  At first I kept telling him not to take off the cover, but then he started trying to put this string down it and it was being blown back up because of the air coming out of it.  He was entertained for like 30 minutes.

He has recently become obsessed with "piggies" and wants you to do it on his toes and wants to do it on my toes as well.  "this little piggie went to market..."

 "and this little piggie went wee, wee, wee all the way home"!