Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making the announcement

For five years I have been looking forward to the day when I would be able to make a pregnancy announcement.  Every time the thought of "maybe this month" went through my mind, with it came the thoughts of how we would tell everyone, what their reactions would be, that feeling of anticipation.  When we got the call and were told we had been chosen, one of the first things I did was think of how to tell our families.  We decided to tell everyone two days after we got the call at Sunday dinner, since we would all be together.  We decided to buy Archie, our dog and only child for the past five years, a t-shirt that said "Most Awesome Big Brother ".

We decided to put it on him before Sunday dinner while everyone was home and have him run out with it on and see what happened.  We were so nervous and so anxious.  Our plan got thrown off a little because we had extra visitors for dinner and we wanted to keep the announcement to just family.  I was SO frustrated because I just wanted to make it happen (no offense to Summer and Damon, we love having them around).  Because we had to wait until after dinner to tell everyone here at home, the first people to hear the news were my brother, Adam, and his wife, Tonna, out in South Carolina.  We skyped with them downstairs in the basement so no one would hear us.  We took a picture of Archie in his shirt and texted it to Adams phone.  It was hilarious to be on skype with them when they got the text. Adam was extra confused.  The first thought was "you are getting another dog?", haha.  It was fun to finally say it out loud "we've been picked, we are getting a baby".  It definitely made it more real.  After that our visitors went home and it was finally time.  We were SO anxious to finally tell everyone!  Everyone was just hanging out in the living room chatting.  I wanted the announcement video taped so Ben was pretending to video tape the girls singing and playing.   It's funny because Archie ran into the room with his t-shirt on and everyone noticed, but no one thought anything of it.  You will notice my sister in law, Tiffany, glance down at him and then look back up and not say anything.  That's when Ben looked at me, both of us kind of unsure how to proceed.  Archie was perfect.  He just laid there with the shirt out for everyone to see.  They figured it out and the moment was everything I had been hoping for. You will want to scroll down and pause the music on my blog before watching the video.  If it's too small (which I think it is) go ahead and click here to view it.

We obviously would have loved to have our entire family there, both those from Ben's family and mine, but we were just excited to share the news in whatever way we could.  We called and skyped with everyone else in our families by the end of the night.  It was so much fun to share our big news and experience their joy!