Monday, January 19, 2009

A reflection on love and my wife

This is a post dedicated to my wife. A shout out if you will. Wife, thanks for all that you do for me. Even though I am a grown man, many argue that I am still like a child. I guess it's the Peter Pan syndrome, I just really don't want to grow up. But you keep me looking foward towards the future. I realized that growing old with someone, someone you truly care for and love is the most beautiful experience one can have in this life. Isn't that an amazing thing? What a wonderful blessing it is that we can have the chance to find our sweetheart in this life and then be able to be with them throughout this life. We have our lives ahead of us. There are many more experiences waiting for us, more adventures, more times to laugh and cry, and we'll be together through all that. I think what makes our relationship so strong is that we are willing to see both sides of ourselves, the good and bad, and still choose to be committed and dedicated to each other. You know how frustrating I can be, and I with you, yet we embrace those sides of us willingly. Honey, we need to laugh more. We need to be more silly. The stresses in our lives aren't supposed determine our happiness. We choose what makes us happy. In my office I look at your picture and I realize the most important thing, above all, is to be happy with each other. That is our most powerful weapon to combat against the powers that want to tear us apart. I believe if more people do that in this world, the quality of live as we know it would increase tremendously. Love is being forgotten and being replaced with different emotions; frustration, irritation, anger, boredom, and pride. This isn't to say that our relationship is in trouble, it's just me reflecting on what I see in the world around us. We have our days, everyone does, but what makes us solid is our love for the One who loved the most and our love for each other. Our unbaised, non judging love. You have truly completed my life in so many ways. I feel that I am a better man because of you. I don't know how I could function daily without you. You hear stories of animal pairs, when the other dies the one follows thereafter. I think this is a great example of how to love; you couldn't exist anymore in this life without their companionship. So thank you wife. You're great.