Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Before and After!

So, everyone seems to think that I love my dog more than life. I thought you would all get a kick out of the fact that we both cut our hair this week. See below for before and afters. Let me know which you think is cuter?..
Archie Before...so shaggy and cute!
Archie after..still SO cute!
Carmen before....shaggy and cute!
Carmen after...not so shaggy, but still cute..right?


Tiffany Johnson said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think you were going to go that short! I LOVE IT! It looks SO cute one you!I'm so jealous... the super short look is GREAT for you and Jessie.. not so much for me! I really do love it. But I have always loved your hair. You are gorgeous no matter what but you look DANG SEXY with you hair like that! :-)

Justin and Jessica said...

Ya...I'm looking again, and I love it!! What did Ben think??? :D

Brooke said...

Carmen...LOVE IT! You look so sassy and sophisticated. I am really excited that you cut your hair. How are you feeling about it? You look so HOTT!!

Rick...the meek and mild said...

Some people look cute no matter what. You simply look cuter with your newest do

Jennica said...

Love the new hair-do! It is SO stinkin' cute. We really need to play. Michael left yesterday and I am leaving tomorrow to go to Colorado....but AFTER that- I am ALL yours!

Jenny Lynes said...

whee-whew (that's supposed to be me whistling - and it's for you, not Archie!) You already know I think your new "do" is gorgeous but I thought I would add it in writing! Archie is a hottie too!