Sunday, October 12, 2008


My sister in law Tiffany is officially the first person to have tagged me. I think I have been glad to stay away from this, but I feel it is my responsiblity to do it since someone finally did tag me. So, I have been tagged to list 6 unspectacular quirks about me. Since most of you who know me, know that everything about me is spectacular, you know this is going to be very difficult. Just kidding!

1. I rub my tummy. It's a habit I have had forever and I am not sure where it started. I might have started to rub it to make sure my stomach wasn't getting any bigger, or it might be because I always had a stomach ache, but either way it became a habit. My sister, Rachelle, always points it out when I rub my hand across my tummy. It's just a small sweeping motion and most people probably wouldn't notice, but it is definitely a weird quirk.

2. I have a THING about being even. If someone hits me on one arm, I really will ask them to hit me on the other. I try to eat an even amount on each side of my mouth. Everything needs to be even and symmetrical. It's a little weird, and I am trying to get over it, but it's a quirk.

3. I don't do this anymore, but I used to have a little "chant" or "saying" that I would repeat every night before I went to bed. It listed everything/everyone that I cared about. I think it was kind of like a prayer of gratitude, but also a short little thing reminding Heavenly Father of the things that were important to me. I did it every night before I said my prayers. When I think about it now I think it is weird, but I could not sleep at night until I read off my whole list.

4. I have to unplug everything (other than the big appliances) in the house before I leave in the morning. I am always afraid my house will burn down if I don't.

5. I weigh myself at least every morning, usually morning and night. It's pretty much an obsession and I don't function well if i don't know how much I weigh that day. Ya, somewhat pathetic, I know.

6. I have a stuffed pig that I have owned since I was like 3 years old. It may not be a quirk, but it has stayed with me for 28 years and is still going strong. I used to sleep with it every night and it has lived everywhere with me. I even took it to China.

I am not sure who to tag, but I will post this and then figure it out!

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Rebecca Leigh Hall said... this is funny. I noticed that you rub your stomach at work ALL the time. It is a little strange. I'm just saying..... :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

hahahaha! Gotcha! :-) yes, the funny thing is, I knew MOST of these things about you.. and the rubbing your tummy... yep! it's true.. you do it all the time.. but there's nothing wrong with that. It's just you! :-)

Justin and Jessica said...

Was I listed in your "chant?" I better have been! haha! :P Oh, and the unplugging things...that's a little funny.

Wright Family said...

Too funny- I totally get it. When I watch TV the volume has to be on an even number, even if it isn't loud enough or is too loud to listen to. Glad to see you blogging again!


Kami said...

Don't feel bad, I have the same weighing myself quirk! We're both weird, but at least we're not alone!!

Brooke said...

I love it Carmen. I did not know that you did any one of these fun quirks. You silly girl. I hope that you are feeling better. What have you been sick with? I would have loved to see you at the party.

Ellen said...

do you still do that feet thing you did in taiwan? ;) ew... love ya!