Thursday, January 7, 2010

December..(WARNING...lots of pictures)

Well, at least this time I have only gone one month between posts instead of 2 or 3:)

December was a wonderful month. We had a great Christmas holiday spent with family and friends. All of my family was in town except Jordan and Melissa who were in Wisconsin. It was so great to have everyone here and it was especially exciting to see Adam and Tonna who are living in Maine and have not been here since June.

I have included pictures below, some with explanations and some without. ( I got a new camera (love ya hon) so pictures are going to be much more frequent and much better from here on out)

My brother Nate, nice face huh? He is eating our traditional Christmas breakfast, waffles with ice cream and strawberries. yum!

My nieces, cutest girls ever, cheesin it on Christmas morning at Grandmas!

Ben with his presents from Santa...a new golf bag and Tiger Woods golf on the WII. He was quite pleased!
Ben and "Human Archie". Archie got to spend Christmas with the Utah Crisantos this year.

Ben's hilarious reaction when he opened his Taylor Swift CD's. He tries to hide the fact that he loves her music, but I knew he would love this gift!
My sis in law Tiff with one of her many awesome gifts!
Brother in law Justin....dressing Ben, haha. Ben didn't know how to tie the scarf so Justin is giving him some tips.

Me with my wonderful snuggie....don't HATE people!
Brooklyn T-Shirt, remembering the days from the mission.

Flashing the best smile ever for another horse...she is obsessed!
My mom in her cute apron (my gift)
My sister Jessica and her new purple ipod

Another of my adorable nieces. I love this girl!

My sis in law, Tonna, and her wedding photo album from Adam

My lucky parents got a trip to New York City...can't beat that!
My brother Adam, looking good in his new scarf. That should come in handy!
Archie the dog and his Christmas present. He loves stuffed animals!

Keeping up with a Crisanto tradition (at least one we did last year) and going out for Chinese for Christmas
Christmas is another special day in our family, it's Archie's birthday. So, Happy Birthday Chi!

I warned you there was a lot of pictures! There will be more to come soon.


Natalie said...

Oh man! Not a snuggie!!! If you ever dare go get your mail while wearing it you better believe I will be waiting with my camera!

Katie Lane said...

Carmen Crisanto. A Snuggie? I hope Natalie gets a picture of you!

Carmen said...

haha, I am pretty sure I won't be wearing it outside. Plus...Natalie, I was SPECIFICALLY talking to you when I said don't Hate:) I read your comments about the snuggie...I knew what was coming. I am always cold, anything I can do to help me out I will!

The Staheli's said...

I'm JEALOUS of the snuggie!!! :) I'm so glad you put pictures up & posted again! It was so fun to see you guys over Christmas. Love ya!

Amy Sue said...

Snuggies ROCK!!!!

Tiffany Johnson said...

K, apparently, i've slowed down at the blog thing. Sorry I haven't checked yours in a while. I'll have to work on that. I love all the pictures though. The one of Nate cracks me up . It looks like he's wearing lights on his head or something. What a goof. Gotta love him. Christmas was SO fun this year. I'm glad we were all together..