Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just an update

I realized I have only been blogging about once a week. While that is a huge improvement on how often I used to blog, when we are all the way across the world I am thinking once a week is not enough. I will try to do better.

I am trying to keep updated pictures posted to facebook. If you are not my friend, become my friend and you can check them out. It's just easier to post a bunch of pictures on their than on here.

So, what has been going on with us?

We have been doing a lot of apartment hunting. We have decided, after MUCH consideration, that we will be moving into the city. We currently live on Mactan island, which is where my work is, where the Shangri La is, and where the Knowltons are which makes it hard to leave. But, along with the great things on the island comes some not so great things that we won't be sad to leave:

1. There seem to be many more stray dogs running the streets on the island. Anyone who knows me, knows that these little guys break my heart.
2. The city does not allow trikes (pedicabs). These guys cause a lot of traffic and I am ready to be rid of them for a while.
3. KARAOKE right next door at all hours of the day and night
4. Nothing to do (other than the Shangri La). I guess I didn't realize Ben and I like to be out so much, but we drive into the city almost daily to go to the Temple, go to the malls, go to the movies, etc. There is none of that out here.
5. Pretty much no restaurants, I have eaten at McDonalds more than I ever cared to in my life because its the only American restaurant close.

We are excited to move into the city because:
1. We will be within a few minute drive of 3 shoppings malls, movies and the Temple
2. Less dogs, meaning less anxiety for me
3. air-conditioning in the church!
4. No trikes causing extra traffic
5. No karaoke!!!!!

We really are going to be so sad to leave our house and the view. The house we live in is nice, and big, and comfortable (minus the termites). But, the noise that comes along with living on the beach just does not work with our lifestyle. We did have Branigan, Julie and Beau come visit us on Sunday and having them there made our house feel homey! We need to have visitors more often. Plus, chit chatting with them took my mind off of the amazing amount of noise going on.

Branigan, Julie and Beau. This is the view off our back porch.

Looking at our house from the back

Sunday night we also received a call that Ben's Lolo (Grandpa) passed away. We have now lost 2 Grandparents in just 2 weeks and we are just so grateful for the knowledge that we will see them again. We were especially sad to hear about Lolo because we were planning to go up to Laguna (near Manila) to visit him in the next few weeks. Now, we are going in order to attend his funeral. We are sad to have missed seeing him, but so grateful that he was able to come and live with the U.S. Crisantos in Oregon for a few years. I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet and spend some time with this great man. He was truly the patriarch of his family, leading them by his faith and example. I am looking forward to attending his funeral and meeting my Crisanto cousins, aunts and uncles.

Christmas 2008 Crisanto kids with Grandpa (don't mind the quality of the picture. It was a picture taken of a photographer taking a picture)

That's what is going on with us over here in the Phils!


Valerie Mom said...

Great post, Carmen. I'm glad you'll be attending Ben's grandpa's funeral. Can't believe he died so close to Grandma Johnson's passing away. I'm sure Ben's parents are glad you will be there. Are you flying?

Amy Sue said...

I am so glad that you are posting so often. Keep it up! I'm sorry if I don't leave comments every time, but I do read your blog! You have such a beautiful view of the ocean. I want to see pics of the inside of your house before you move. I am glad you have some good friends to keep you company! Sorry to hear about Ben's Grandpa.

Miss you guys!

The Staheli's said...

Again, so sorry to hear about Ben's grandpa. What a hard month for you guys! :( I'm glad to hear things are working out with the move and it sounds like the city is the right place for you...although I can see why it would be hard to leave the beachy island scene.

Love you guys and seriously think about you all the time. :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

What a whirlwind!! What a crazy life you live. I love it. I'm glad you are posting on your blog more often. It's fun to see the pictures and the updates on what you guys are doing. I love those pictures, by the way. Gorgeous! Love you guys.

Julie Knowlton said...

The Knowltons are sad you are leaving Mactan. Now it will be harder to toilet paper you.

We hope the funeral went well. We have been thinking about you guys today. Can't wait to swap stories. I've got a good one.