Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving here in Cebu.  We were lucky enough to be invited over to John and Stephanie Lowry's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a great day with good food, coversation, fun and football.  John had a great little program where we discussed the first Thanksgiving and the history of this holiday.  We then all went around the table and talked about what we were thankful for.  Each of us had a long list.  We proceeded to eat the yummy turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, rolls and pies of course.  It really was just like a Thanksgiving dinner at home.  After dinner there was a football game and running around and then back to the house for more dessert and just hanging out.  It was a great day and we are so glad we could spend our first Thanksgiving here with good friends like the Lowry's and the Knowltons.

The day after Thanksgiving just made this year even better because we had the chance to get on the computer and skype with my entire family.  All of the kids were together at my parents house and they brought us up on the big screen tv.  We got to be there to pick names for Christmas as well as do a little program with the Johnson family.  My dad had us come up with something we are thankful for that we never thought we would be thankful for.  That was an interesting list and we had some good laughs (I was thankful to not live on the beach anymore).  It was amazing to be there with them even while being so far away.  It was so fun to see all the neices and nephews, the dog and of course all of the adults.  We love our families and missing out on the holidays is hard, but skype makes it a LOT better than it could be. 

This little boy came out to watch the football game with us and brought with him his American flag.  It was fitting considering the day. 

The whole group after eating
Ciara Lowry brought her dog over from the made me miss Archie so I took a lot of pictures of her.

Our own little Filipino Turkey Bowl

Skype with my whole family on their Thanksgiving day.  Gotta love technology.

This year we have so much to be thankful for.  We are so very blessed and we are reminded of that daily.  Thanksgiving definitely made us SO excited to be coming home in just three weeks for the holidays!


The Staheli's said...

So thankful for SKYPE this holiday season! :) Looks like tons of fun. I LOVE the football picture with the huge palm trees in the background. And it's nice to see a picture of a "healthy" dog. We love you guys tons and wish we could have been WITH you for the holiday, but...ONLY 3 WEEKS UNTIL YOU COME HOME!!!! Yay for Christmas.

Tiffany Johnson said...

YAY! Love the pictures, only you aren't in any of them. :-) I'm so glad that we all have SKYPE now. It's a great thing. I really wish you were here. It wasn't the same without you. But i'm really looking forward to CHristmas! :-)

Valerie Mom said...

So happy you had a great American Thanksgiving. Loved the healthy dog and the darling filipino boy with the American flag. So glad we got to "see" you. Take care of yourselves so you can have a great time with us at Christmas.