Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1, 2013

Benson has been growing and changing so much just over the past few weeks.  He is talking so much more and even saying full sentences like "I see you" and "I want toast", and his favorite by far "go away".  He understands everything we say (even if he chooses to ignore 50% of it).  

Each day he wakes up and the first thing he wants to do is sit and watch Baby Einstein and eat a piece of toast with garlic salt on it.  (don't worry, I feed him egg yolks and oatmeal a little later)  For a few weeks he was obsessed with "lion" so one day we looked up lions on youtube.  We found this video of lions playing with dogs.  He loved it!
 My little helper.  He has learned to do the whole sweeping and the dustpan thing all on his own.

 We got him some gloves and he just wanted to wear them around all the time.

 He loves his doggie blankie.   Lately he really just loves to "cuddle" up under blankies.  He puts them over himself or over his toys and stuffed animals.

 Ready for church.  Can you say handsome?

 He has started to climb up onto the doors on the bathroom cabinets.  Ya, makes momma EXTRA nervous!

 Benson's first time picking names for Christmas gifts.  He got Addy.  He is excited.  You should hear him say her name "Ah-yi".
 One day he grabbed one of my drinking straws, folded it in half and proceeded to "straighten" my hair with it.  This was the first time I truly realized how he is watching everything!

A new habit....not sure if it's really cute or not.

I have a few videos we have taken this month too.  He is just talking so much and changing so much so I wanted to share.

Our little hair dresser
Ben walked into the room and he was already doing this.  Crazy kid.

"I see you"

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