Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas 2013-Part 2

Now we get to the REAL fun, Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve at my moms is always about food, fun, games and pajamas...and the obligatory pajama family pictures.

Chocolate roll....YUM!

 Benson loved this toy and playing with cousins.

 What the handsome???  Scotty is such a doll and it was so fun to have Adam, Tonna and Scotty here for the holidays!  We truly wish they lived here.

 Our 9th Christmas together.

 Benson is getting much more comfortable with all of his uncles and he loves the rough housing!

At this point he had only been potty trained for about 2 weeks so we heard the word "potty" a lot and he decided to just pull down his pants to let us know he needed to go.  Fun.

Opening pajamas!

The Crisantos 2013

The serious picture

The funny picture where everyone made the only "goofy" face Benson makes!  This picture makes me laugh.  I LOVE these people!