Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I just had an experience where I received an automatic answer to a prayer. I remember this happening one time on my mission. Kind of a funny story actually. I was on splits with another sister missionary. She was Taiwanese and had only been a missionary for a few weeks. I had also only been out for about a month, so needless to say we were both very "green". I guess I was a pretty anxious missionary, trying to get a lot done, making sure I was doing my part (this would be thanks to Sister Janette Priddis, best trainer a girl could ask for). So anyway, one night we were riding our bikes back to the church to meet with an investigator and we were running late so I guess I was riding extremely fast. Well, this sister asked me once to slow down, but I didn't. The next thing I knew.....I was slowing down because my TIRE WAS FLAT. You know what this sisters response was when she finally caught up to me? "Wow, I have never had a prayer answered so fast". I laughed about it....later.

Tonight I had a prayer answered that fast. I had just done some scripture study (studying the New Testament right now and the life of Christ) when I decided to kneel and pray. I have been very stressed about a specific situation with doctors bills and insurance companies. I am going to be talking to the people involved again in the morning and am worried that it is not going to get resolved, so I was praying for help that this situation will get resolved. The issue is all around a tax id number that the insurance company has and the doctors office does not. Its a long and complicated situation and has been going on for months. I spent an hour on the phone yesterday and an hour on the phone today trying to figure out where this tax id number came from and why the doctors office didn't have record of the same tax id that the insurance company did. If this doesn't get resolved, we are looking at paying $2200.00 for something that should be covered 100% by the insurance...all over some number. So, I was praying, asking for help when the thought came to me "google the tax id number". I know it sounds so simple, maybe even something I should have thought of myself, but I didn't. I went straight to the computer and googled that number. Only 3 results came back, but two of them gave me the exact information on this tax id number and where it came from. I wanted to shout for joy. It was one of the most clear and overwhelming answers I have ever received. I knew without a doubt that the Lord was aware of me and my situation at that moment and that the Spirit whispered that answer to me, simple as it was. I have no idea if this information is going to fix the situation, but I KNOW it is going to help, I KNOW that the Lord gave me that answer and I am so grateful for that.

I know that there are plenty of people that read my blog that maybe don't believe that the Lord hears and answers prayers, or maybe don't even believe there is a God. I disagree. This and way too many other experiences I have had in my life testify to me that there is a God and He will answer us....any of us.

Try it, you might be surprised:)


The White's said...

That was a great post, thank you for telling me. Im glad you feel better about the number and that your ready to call the Dr and Ins. people in the morning. Good Luck and say a second prayer before you call these people!!

Kim, Byron and Harrison said...

That is so awesome!! What a wonderful thing to experience, and I think you are awesome for blogging about it so we can all appreciate it!!

Susie said...

Good for you for praying and good for you for journaling it. Experiences like this should always be recorded.
BTW, I miss you :)

Amy said...

Love this post! A good reminder to me how Heavenly Father is mind full of our situations and often times it is as simple to just ask.

I seem to always do things the hard way... on my own!

I hope all is well!!!

Carmen said...

Susie..I miss you too and need to get a hold of you but don't have a phone number....Please email me at

The Bentley's said...

you made me cry:) that is so neat!! and sometimes it's a good reminder when they are answered so immediately. Thanks for you example, and sharing that story

This is Us said...

Of course I had to read your blog after your comment on mine. lol. Jk I always read your blog. That is a wonderful story and now you'll have to update it how the number helped (or didn't) the situation. I hope it all works out. Keep being persistent (one of your best qualities) and I'm sure you will clear it up. Love you tons

Boo and DJ said...

I'm honored that you think I was a good trainer. That is because I had the best greenie in the world. :)

I'm glad you had that experience. I hope things work out for you. Enjoy the reunion this week. I'll be thinking about you. :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

yay! I love stories like this. Don't you wish it was always like this for receiving answers?? I'm glad it worked out for you!!