Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Letting Go

Any of you that know me even remotely well know that I love my dogs. We got Archie in the fall of 2006 and he has been our baby ever since. Through the thick and thin of the past three years, he has been right there with us. Then we got Clifford about 2 months ago to keep both us and Archie company. We recently decided for the benefit of everyone to give them to a family with a stay at home mom and two little kids. Ben and I are gone so much and no one was here to take care of them, love them, and give them the attention that they deserve. I never imagined giving away my dogs, never, but we had to make that choice. They have now been gone for two weeks and my heart is still broken. I feel like I have lost a best friend. I know how cheesy that sounds, but Archie got me through some tough times. I remember the day we found out in vitro didn't work, I was so sad. That night I went to the gas station and brought Archie with me, walking out and seeing Archie's little face through the window, waiting patiently for me made my day. I felt loved... comforted. My dogs made me smile every day and I miss them more than I can express.

Um...can anyone say stuffed animal? He was the cutest puppy I have ever seen.
Archie and Mommy in our first home together...where we weren't allowed to have dogs:)
Archie and Daddy (Ben will kill me for putting that) hanging out in his new sweater Fish got him for Christmas.

Hanging out at the Nelsons, his second home while we were in California
The big moving day...he sat on my lap or on the floor of the moving van the entire 14 hours. He was a trooper.

Aiden giving him slobbery kisses, they both loved this!
His first snow at the new house
Just looking SO DARN CUTE!
Hanging out in the crate. Ben was not the only one to do this, I am pretty sure all of the neices and nephews have tried this as well.
Our first Christmas in Utah, posing for the camera.
One of our favorite things to do. He wasn't allowed on our bed, so I would take naps on the couch just so we could cuddle.
Our new addition. Clifford loved to play fetch, he is just waiting for someone to grab that ball and throw.
Two best friends hanging out (with their long and mangy hair)
Taken on our last day together, saying goodbye.

We went to visit last night and they really are with a GREAT family and they are going to be so happy there. I am so grateful we found such wonderful people to take care of our babies.


Amy Sue said...

Archie really was an adorable puppy! These pics bring back memories! I remember when Archie would run back and forth across your apartment. Or when I puppy sat him for the weekend. I am sorry that you are still sad and hurting. It's great that you have all these pics for the memories & it's even better that you can still visit! Hang in there!

Justin and Jessica said...

Aww MAN! You totally made me cry. :( I can't even imagine your house without them.

This is Us said...

I know this has been a really sad thing for you and I know how much Archie meant to you. I'm glad that you were able to find a good family that you are comfortable with. The pain will ease with time.

The Cowleys said...

That does not seem cheesy at all. Dogs really do know how to comfort us and be the best of friends. Honestly, that made me get a little choked up.

Valerie Mom said...

I'm so glad you got to visit them last night and are still feeling good about the family that has them. Has this move helped ease a little stress between you and Ben?

Tiffany Johnson said...

yay!!!!!!!!! now he's home! I have to say.. it was really fun to come play with him tonight. and thanks for letting us hang out. we should do that more often.