Monday, April 4, 2011

My Late Philippines Friday Post: Cebu-Taoist Temple and Tops

We have our own little "To Do in Cebu" list that we have put together.  We want to take advantage of this city that we live in while we have the chance.  I think in every town or city in the world there are those "must do" things that all the tourists do, but the some times us "locals" miss out on because life gets in the way.  We don't want to miss those things while we are here in Cebu.  So, Monday morning, after spending the entire weekend home sick, we wanted to get out of the house and decided this was the perfect chance to knock two things off of our to-do list.
Our first stop was the Taoist Temple.  This was built in 1972 in the very posh neighborhood of Beverly Hills of Cebu (not the 90210 one).  There was not a lot to do there, but it was fun to hike up the stairs to see the Chinese architecture and decor.  I got a lot of fun pictures too.  (click on image to view larger)

Next on our list was Tops.  This is a "park" located literally at the highest spot you can reach in Cebu.  I felt like we were driving uphill FOREVER.  Anyone who knows me knows I HATE driving up high mountains and on small roads where the sides just drop off.  It makes me so sick to my stomach.  With our awesome 1999 Toyota Corolla  I was seriously worried for our safety.  But, we made it ok.  We originally stopped at the place that I thought was Tops, but it ended up being a cemetary.  Oops.  The view was pretty cool, but when we actually made it to Tops the view was ridiculous.  We were so high above the city it was almost hard to see it.  We got some great pictures and got to overhear quite an entertaining conversation between some old white married guy and his Filipina girlfriend (blog post to come).  It was worth the little trip and we are glad we are out seeing what Cebu has to offer.

Click here to see more pictures of our fun day.


The Staheli's said...

Loved looking at all of your pictures. It's amazing for us to see all these things you guys get to experience. Take advantage of everything and write it all down. Looks like a great trip! :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

WOW!!! Those pictures are amazing!!! What a cool place. I'm a little jealous. :-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE cool views. Sounds like you guys are gonna have some really cool stories to tell your kids someday.