Friday, April 15, 2011


Last weekend Ben and I were able to go on a really short, but great trip to a place called Palawan. The Philippines has so many beautiful beaches and natural places to visit it's hard to choose. I actually have to thank my sister Rachelle and her fiance Bret for suggesting this place to us. I think they read about it online or something and told us we should go. The draw is the natural underground river, but it ended up being a lot more than that. So, we booked the trip. It was only 48 hours and if we were going to do it again we would make sure it was longer, but it was a lot of fun and we are glad we got it in.

Look behind's so clean.  Palawan has an anti-littering law that is obviously VERY effective.  In my opinion, the reason it works is the citizen that catches you littering gets 50% of the fine paid to them!  Smart!

The other reason it was SO nice, clean, calm.....NO TAXIS and NO JEEPNIES allowed!!!  SO AMAZING!

We went to this Wild Life conservation place that was mostly crocodiles, but had some other animals as well.  Ben quite enjoyed posing with the baby croc.

I did not love it so much

I look a little more confident in this 

ya, they are pretty dang scary

This place was pretty awesome.  It was this great park, playground, just beautiful place.  

The beach in Sabang.  We got to hang out here for a few hours, it was gorgeous.

At the entrance to the underground river there were monkeys just hanging out, right next to people, it was pretty amazing.

Oh and these huge like 3ft long lizards

Us starting our little trip to the Underground River

The entrance.  It really was gorgeous and such a cool place.  It really is a huge cave with a river through it.

bats and bat droppings (the guide thought it was pretty funny to make bat poo jokes but didn't use the word poo....ya, the tour wasn't really for kids

My goofy husband inside the cave

Another gorgeous beach right by the entrance of the underground river.

We are very grateful for the chance to visit these types of places, seriously...such a blessing.

The Philippines isn't always just sunshine and beaches and I will do my best to share some of both with you in my upcoming posts.


Financially Empowered Families said...

This is beautiful! And so cool that it is so clean.You guys look great! So glad to get to do these exciting things.

Tiffany Johnson said...

AMAZING! I love all the pictures!! You got some really great shots. I'm a little jealous of these cool places you get to go. But i'm also grateful that I get to see so many pictures and hear about them. I'm really glad you guys went.

Julie Knowlton said...

I love all these pics! You guys did lots for 48 hours. I stared at that picture of the clean streets for about 5 minutes just wishing.

So glad you guys had fun!

Arianne Gocotano said...

I always love reading your blogs Carmen. they're fun. I hope you guys can still more of the Philippines before you leave...

Tonna said...

That looks awesome and we are really jealous that we don't get to be there. I'm glad that you get to see so many great places like that while you have been there. This is Adam by the way

This is Us said...

I'm so glad that you guys got to do it! Brett would have been so angry if you hadn't