Sunday, November 11, 2012

10 Months Old

 These pictures are a pretty good indication of how much Benson does not like to sit still anymore.  He had no desire to sit on the chair and hold a teddy bear.  He wanted to stand up and jump around.  He is all over the place nowadays and he is keeping us extra busy.
These shots let you know how fast he can go from happy to mad when it comes to his toys.  He was holding a brush and I wanted to not have it in the picture so I took it.  As you can see from the middle picture, he was not happy about it.  As soon as I gave it back, he was his happy self.

This month was full of fun. We took a drive up the canyon to see the pretty leaves the first weekend of October.  We were planning to go to Granny's in Heber, but didn't realize it was closed for the season until we got all the way there.  We made a quick stop at the Dairy King and took a few cute pics with the little man and then drove back down. 

We watch General Conference got to spend time with the family and enjoy the tradition of waffles with ice cream and strawberries.  (we left out the ice cream)

He is really starting to love playing with his cousins

He loves Grandpa

We did a fun little FHE at the Lehi Trafalga.  We did some miniature golfing, which is a definite different experience with a baby.

The most fun we had this month was taking a trip to Los Angeles to visit my sister, Kristen, and her family.  We drove, which was not something I would want to do again anytime soon (although I did a few weeks later, but that was without Benson).  Benson does not love his carseat.  He did great, but it just took a long time and was a lot of driving for such a short visit.  

We stopped on our way at Jessica and Justins place.  Benson had his first experience with ballooons (it was Avery's birthday the week before)

Benson loved crawling around the kitchen with Regan
We took a little trip to the LA Temple visitors center and the to 3rd street.  It was fun to be back in our old stomping grounds

You cannot go to LA without making a stop at Diddy Reese.  It's so tasty.  Benson was loving the cookies.
I realized we didn't get any pictures with Kristen, Nolan or Aiden.  That's pretty bad.  We had such a good time visiting them.  Benson was FREAKED out by Nolan at the beginning of the trip, but by the end of the trip he was at least ok to be in the same room with him.  We would love to be able to go and spend more time with them, just hoping next time we can fly.

This was on the drive back.  We stopped in Baker to give Benson a short break.  He loved crawling around the Taco Bell floor.  (:))

Another stop.  He LOVES eating the keys lately.

Obviously, this month also included Halloween, but you have already seen pictures of that.  This month was also the first time I have spent a night away from Benson.  I drove back to LA on November 2nd to attend a funeral.  It was one of my best friend's mom and a few of my friends were driving out so I felt like I really needed to be there. I was so glad to go, but it was such a strange feeling to be away from Benson.  It was good that it was a short trip though.

My friend took this picture right before we left for our drive and I just had to look at it every few minutes to keep me from missing him too much :)

I am so grateful for SKYPE.   I got to talk to Benson and Ben before coming home.  Benson was so adorable, waving and clapping for us. 

Benson visiting his Tita DJ at BYU on his 10 month birthday

Benson is growing up and changing so much.  I was just watching a video of him taken at the beginning of this month and the differences are huge.  He still won't stand up on his own, but he is so comfortable pulling himself up, walking along furniture, crawling and climbing everywhere, bouncing up and down, dancing and just being so much fun. 

I know I have mentioned this before, but it has become more and more obvious how much he loves music.  He started "dancing" this month, first just bobbing his head up and down, and now bouncing and swinging and trying to sing himself.  He LOVES his daddy's guitar and loves music in general.  He hears everything and tries to mimic the noises he hears.  I took him for a walk on a very windy day and he kept saying "woooo" to mimic the sound of the wind.  He tries to copy Archie's barking and make the sound of the vacuum or the hair dryer.  Its pretty adorable. 

Bensons personality is coming out so much more.  He is so funny and loves to laugh and especially loves to make us laugh.  

Happy 10 Months Little Man.  We LOVE you!

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Financially Empowered Families said...

I love your little man as well. I cannot believe he is already ten months old. He is SO special. Everyone who meets him is instantly in love.