Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving this year was a lot of fun, how could it not be when it's all about family, friends and food!?  We changed it up a bit this year and didn't do dinner until about 4:30 PM so we had some time to relax.  I got the crazy idea to do a food "craft".  (Yes, anyone who knows me knows this does not happen.)I saw this cute idea on my friends facebook and thought, "why not?".  So, DJ and I ran to the store and grabbed the supplies and came home to attempt making these adorable candy turkeys.

Although they were much harder than expected and didn't turn out nearly as cute as the ones on pinterest, we still had a lot of fun and they were a hit with the little kids AND my family was pretty impressed (like I said, I don't do this kind of thing EVER)

After making the turkeys and before heading over to my parents, we got to SKYPE with all of the Crisantos while they were enjoying Thanksgiving in Washington with Tita Beth.  Although the connection wasn't great and kept hanging up on us it was still so much fun to see them all and let them see Benson.  They could not believe how grown up he's getting.  (I can't believe it most of the time).  Also, Benson's uncle Cowdery was there with his new fiance, Annaliesse, so this was our first time meeting her as well.  It was very exciting.

Then we headed off to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house for the festivities.  There were 28 people in all and it was so much fun.  Benson had a great time at his first Thanksgiving.  He ate yummy food, played with his cousins and just was loved on by everyone.  He was a little scared of some of the men (even his cousin Spencer) but he got over that pretty quickly and we all just had a great time.

Benson and daddy.  Don't ya love the sweater?

Since DJ is at BYU and didn't go home for Thanksgiving, we were lucky to have her join us for the whole weekend.  Ben asked her on the drive home what she thought of her first "white" Thanksgiving and she said, "it was exactly what I was expecting".  I had to ask her to explain, since I wasn't sure whether I should be offended, haha.  She said, "well, we sat at formal tables with all the very traditional thanksgiving foods, your dad had us share what we were thankful for, we had pies and dessert and then played games.  It was just what you would expect, and that's a good thing".  I had to laugh.  It is definitely different than Thanksgiving at the Crisanto house, and I am just glad I get to experience both!  We are so lucky.

Some of the group

First Thanksgiving as a family

There are just no words

The girls showing off their turkeys

The food!

It would not be a Johnson get together if we didn't play games!  CELEBRITY!  Looks like DJ is enjoying it:)

 We did miss those of the family that could not be here with us (Adam, Tonna, Kristen, Nolan, Aiden, Regan and Monika) but it was a great Thanksgiving!

We actually had some of the young uns (18-21 year olds) come over to our house to play video games and I do have to say, I like the fact that I can still hang out with them and not feel like an old fogy!


The Staheli's said...

Awesome day! I'm so glad so many of us were able to be together for the holiday.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

those little turkey's are adorable :)!