Thursday, January 17, 2013

12 Months Old

Benson's 12th month was full of fun. We had big events, Christmas, New Years, his birthday and we spent almost two weeks in Oregon. It was a fun month. 
He weighed 18lbs 6oz at his 12 month appointment. He was 28.5 inches. He is still in about the 9th percentile for both height and weight.  
He learned a bunch of new things this month, things like how to give five, blow kisses and stand on his own (did it in the bathtub for the first time, although he still doesn't like doing it).  He has started to really like playing with the latches on his car seat as well as his high chair.
I have included a lot of pictures of the month as always. 

12 Month Pictures. 

Benson discovered his love of cats at Grandmas.  His daddy wasn't so happy about that, but Benson LOVES the kitty!

Ben thought it was funny to take a picture of Mommy and Benson with our "bottles"

Benson's first time playing in the snow

This is the face that brightens my day, every day

This boy discovered that he LOVES Mexican food, cheese, tortillas, tomatoes, ground turkey, avocado. 

We drove to Oregon for Christmas.  Although the weather was horrible and the roads were icy, Benson did AMAZING! 

One of a few visits to "Word of Mouth" (yummy).  Benson literally left teeth marks on the table, haha.

He really loves his uncle Archie and especially loves his music.

If I pull my camera out he comes straight for it

Benson has started pointing at EVERYTHING.  It's kind of awesome that he is starting to communicate and point to what he wants and where he wants to go.  (Benson and his Lolo are buddies)

He has started having these cheesy smiles. While we were in Oregon if he was around a group of people laughing he would start laughing, so then we would all laugh more.  He has quite a sense of humor.

Opening his first present, Christmas Even PJs

Benson seems to love hygiene.  He blows his nose, loves to brush his hair and this month started brushing his teeth.  We got him a toothbrush for Christmas (not the one pictured)
Bensons first Christmas Eve.  Our first family Christmas.  Look at that grin. 

His first Christmas morning

He has been trying to put our shoes on his feet so we figured we should get him some of his own (plus its cold).  He loved them, but when he tried to walk in them he was fumbling like crazy and it was so funny to watch

Starting our trek home, holding his first birthday money from Lolo and Lola

This kid LOVES toilet paper and destroying everything in his path.  He pulled out every single tissue from the box in the bathroom and was so proud of himself.
We got so lucky and he really slept well in the car on the way home as well.

Still not a fan of facial hair (sorry Nolan)

He is starting to love eating and especially feeding himself

He finally started wearing his Jordan's I bought him (really bought as a gift for daddy when we found out about Benson)

He has started kissing mommy and daddy

and he learned how to blow kisses

His new favorite sitting position

In the morning I use Benson as an alarm for daddy.  It's so cute how happy they both are to see each other.

This is my view for much of my day....he LOVES holding onto mommy's legs

His hair has started getting crazy, especially when he first wakes up (probably cause he sleeps with his head down and his butt sticking up)

Look at that concentration.  Benson has started to really focus and try to do things and he definitely gets frustrated when he isn't able to do things.

Hanging out with friends on New Years Eve (Olivia Seitzinger, Shannon Lynes, Benson Crisanto).  Benson actually leaned over and kissed Olivia on the mouth this day.  It was ADORABLE!

Our little boy on his one year birthday.  
These monthly posts are so much fun because I get to keep track of all of the new little things Benson has done and how much he has grown.  The biggest struggle I have is trying to pick pictures because I have seriously a million each month.  He is just too adorable and I can't help taking SO many pictures.  We are absolutely in love with this boy.  He is so funny and sweet and seriously makes us smile all of the time. My favorite part of the day is walking into his room when he wakes up and seeing him standing in his crib with that huge grin and feeling myself lighten up.  He makes everything better.  We love you little man.


Julie Knowlton said...

Happy birthday to Benson! These pictures were so fun to look at. I love him and I have never met him. :) I am just so happy for your little family. What an amazing year this has been for you. Benson could not have better parents.

Gabrielle said...

Wow this is great! Lovely baby. May God bless you