Monday, January 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was a big one for us and especially for Benson.  Saturday was his first birthday. How did that happen?  It is completely surreal to me that I have a one year old. 

Saturday (the actual birthday) was a full day.  First thing in the morning Benson and I went to an introductory class at the Little Gym in Orem.  After spending time with family over the holidays I realized Benson definitely needs more human interaction.  He LOVES people, he loves other kids and he loves attention.  So I decided to check it out.  It ended up just being us with another mommy and her daughter who was also turning one this weekend.  We had a good time.  It took Benson a minute to warm up, but once he did he was happy to be there.  We played around, sang songs, did somersaults and just played.  It was a fun way to spend his birthday morning.

As soon as we got home Nate brought Hailey and Addy over and we got to spend a few hours with them.  Benson was ecstatic to have his cousins over.  We took the kids swimming at the Lehi Legacy Center and had so much fun despite the freezing temperatures outside.  Benson loved swimming.  We will definitely need to take him again sometime soon.

Sunday afternoon was the actual birthday party.  It was such a blast.

Jessica helped put his invitation together and I absolutely loved it!

My mom and DJ helped us get everything set up and ready. It has been so busy lately and any help I can get is much appreciated.  Plus, Benson woke up from his nap after church and was so excited to see Grandma. (although he was MOST excited to see his balloons.  This kid loves balloons)

We had decided to mostly just invite family.  Benson gets a little anxious around too many people and especially strangers so we figured family was the way to go.  We ended up with a big crowd anyway.  He is a very loved boy.

  After Christmas Benson was a bit more familiar with the concept of opening presents but still needed a bunch of help.  He wasn't very happy when we didn't let him play with each toy he opened right then and there.  He got some very fun stuff!  Plus, he got some money for his new little missionary savings bank!


We started at 4pm with dinner and just spending time talking and enjoying each other's company.   On most days that is the perfect time for Benson (hence the reason I planned the party then), but it was Sunday and therefore he didn't sleep in the morning and he was definitely not his sweet, calm self.   That became especially evident when we tried to give him his own little birthday cake and sang him Happy Birthday and all he could do was stare and then cry.  He was not happy with all the noise and the people staring at him.

Once we got away from people he did like the cake though. 

and his daddy was perfectly happy to help him finish it

It was such a fun time with good food, family, fun and just everyone celebrating this little boy!

Someone commented on how this sure was a big deal for a first birthday and how none of their kids got this type of attention at one year old.  It's hard to try and explain to some people that Benson is truly our miracle baby and an answer to so many prayers.  I would celebrate like this daily if it wouldn't be completely weird!  This was a celebration of the joy he has brought to so many people and the hope he has brought to us through the last year.  We cannot wait to see what the future brings!

Happy Birthday Benson Kekoa Crisanto!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


Allison said...

I think it was a perfectly appropriate celebration! I always make the first birthday a huge big deal anyway, I don't really know anyone who doesn't? Looks like it was an awesome party, and the amount of icing on Benson's cake is admirable, I want it so bad! LOL Love you guys! Happy birthday Benson!

The Staheli's said...

I agree!! It was the perfect amount of celebration. And each year you will feel the same. Birthdays come once a year, and there is always plenty to celebrate about these special spirits! I am so sad that we couldn't be there. Avery totally cried during cake on her 1st birthday too. :) We are so grateful for this little man! Happy Birthday Benson!!

Financially Empowered Families said...

We were so excited to celebrate with you. It is truly shocking how quickly time has gone. He is such a wonderful part of our family and we love to celebrate with each of our precious grandchildren. The party was perfect and I agree with Allison about the amount of icing on his cake!