Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I feel loved!

Well, I have to say, I think I am already addicted! I do have an addictive personality, but I didn't know that would apply to blogging! I actually thought today about what I was going to say in my next blog post. WOW! Then, when I did get a chance to get on my here, I found a bunch of comments from all my friends. Yep, that just fed the addiction, now I am never going to leave.
So, what I thought about writing about today was the major mood swings that I go through. Haha, some people might want to get off right now if they don't want to know these things about me. But, honestly, I am so moody! I had a really hard weekend, I was feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out and poor and frustrated and felt like eveything was wrong! Well, today was just the opposite. I had a great day at work. We are celebrating "Festivus" (google it if you dont know, I didn't either). After work, I went to Costco and spent a bunch of money ("bunch" is relative) buying Christmas presents for my husband and as I was leaving I just felt like all was right in the world! It kind of makes me laugh. I love the roller coaster of my life, but sometimes I feel quite bad for the people on the ride with me. I think they weren't really aware of what they were signing up for. This is especially true for my husband. I have to say though, he is the perfect partner! He just sits back and lets me go and enjoys the ride! Thats true love.
I just have one other thing to say about feeling loved. Yes, I have a wonderful husband. I also have the BEST friends in the entire world. Me, and my three best friends from college (and since) get together in Arizona for our "girls weekend" at least once a year (this is the 3rd year running). Well, we all decided we want to plan the trip for February 2008. I wasn't sure where I was going to come up with the money for the plane ticket, but i desperately wanted to go. That was just adding to my stress. Then, in the middle of my VERY low point this weekend, I opened my hotmail, and there found 3 Southwest gift cards from my girls. I started to cry... not just one or two tears, I was bawling! This may sound ridiculous, but my friends knew I was having a hard time, and they did exactly the right thing at the right time and that made me cry. Again, I felt loved!


Jennica said...

It is SO addicting. Isn't it?! Well, here is your next blog. You are tagged. Check out my blog.

Amy Sue said...

I am glad you finally started your blog! And you are so not boring! Carmen, we all love you for who you are! You are an amazing person! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I miss you!!!

Amy said...

I am glad you like Festivous! Niel said it was fun to do at work. I don't know how it works, but it must be fun!
I am right there with you on the moody stuff. I think the low moments in life help us to appreciate the high moments. Plus, I like the adventures of the roller coaster ride....haha! Merry Christmas!!!

Kim & Byron said...

You didn't know what Festivus was? I feel that all my years of tutoring you in the Seinfeld way are wasted!!

But, I do love how you edit the gift card story to make it sound better. I'm assuming the third one DID finally show up...?