Thursday, January 3, 2008


So, I just have to first say thank you to everyone that commented on my last post. I am so blessed to have family and friends that care so much and I appreciate all of your prayers and concern. I will give you a quick update, since for the first time in about 48 hours I am feeling close to normal. After I wrote on the blog yesterday morning I slept for a few hours and then went into work at about 11AM. I have only recently started a new job and the last thing I want to do is miss work. Ben wasn't very happy with me for making that decision, but I needed to go in to find out about my insurance and stuff also. I went in at 11 and got off after 6. It wasn't a very good day, honestly. I was still in a lot of pain, was taking plenty of pain killers which were making me feel really woosy and out of it, but weren't really touching the pain. So, I tried my hardest to stay in my chair as much as possible and not walk around. By the end of the day I was feeling really tired and really nauseated. My mom came and picked me up and I went straight to their house. I hadn't eaten at all so I thought maybe having a little food would help me feel better. BAD idea! Within minutes of eating I was in the bathroom. I was throwing up all night. I am sorry about the details, but it's hard to express how sick I was without the details. It really was shocking. I was in and out of sleep, everytime I would open my eyes I would start puking. I really was worried that I had overdosed on pain killers or something because it just felt like my body was trying to get rid of something. The doctor said though, that with the size and state of the cysts the nausea is normal. (it didn't feel normal) Anyway, finally at about midnight my uncle was able to prescribe me some anti-nausea medication and I finally slept through the night. I didn't end up going to work today, I was still way to sick and way too weak. All day I felt like I was in a fog. Ben and I went to the doctor at noon and talked about the situation. The doctor wants me to have surgery as soon as tomorrow. When I told him I have a business trip I am going on next Wednesday and I would like to schedule the surgery around that, he wasn't very happy with me. I guess I am going in for another ultrasound tomorrow for him to see if the cyst has shrunk. If so, he thinks it can wait. If not, he would prefer me to not go to California. Not a good way to start a new job. Also, he thinks he may have to do a cesarian type incision. I hate that idea, for many reasons! Anyway, I really hope things work out. I am sure they will.
Oh, update on the insurance. I will be covered with my work insurance, which is good. The bad thing is, it is an EXTREMELY high deductible plan. So, somehow, somewhere, we are going to have to come up with that money. I did find out that my work has a Cafeteria Plan that lets you put money in an account for medical expenses. It is pre-tax and you choose an amount and you can take that full amount right away, even though the money to pay it back is just removed from your paycheck. So, instead of having to pay thousands of dollars at one time, it will just come out of every paycheck. I signed up for that, because in a situation like mine, I know we are going to use that money and it will be a lot less painful to pay for it one paycheck at a time.
Anyway, sorry if this was too much detail, but it's kind of theraputic for me to write it down. Again, I appreciate everyone's prayers and concerns and know that the Lord will watch out for us and everything will work out.


Amy Sue said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better! But don't try to do too much! Take care of yourself! Your job should understand. What part of California are you suppose to go to???

Anyways, hang in there! Thanks for the update!

melanie said...

thanks for the update.

Justin and Jessica said...

I'm glad we have each other to understand our pain...literally. :P
So, I'm really glad you are going to see Dr. Dodson. Really. It's all going to be okay.
Love ya!

Amy said...

I hope you get feeling better! Is there anything we can do? We will even come over and feed your dog if you!! Really, if you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask. We would love to help.

Kim & Byron said...

We have been thinking about you often, Carm! I know that everything will eventually work out, but you are so brave in the meantime. Keep it up and please let us know what we can do.

If you do end up begging on the streets, I think you should move in with us. The weather is much nicer for begging out here.

Justin and Jessica said...

So any news??? I haven't been updated in a while.