Monday, February 7, 2011

Home for the Holdays (Post #8)

The best part of being in Utah was spending time with family and friends, probably 90% family and 10% friends, but my family are my friends so it worked out perfect.  We spent tonz of time playing games and making fools of ourselves playing "Celebrity".  We also spent tonz of time eating.  I got to shop with the girls and Ben got to play video games with the guys.  We did everything we wanted to do while we were home and seriously came back to the Philippines completely satisfied with our trip.  It was awesome!

video games with Aiden and Regan, I actually LOVED Super Mario Brothers on the WII.  Ben caught me playing it all by myself a few times, that NEVER happens.

Cute Jordan and Melissa, sitting at the table ready to play "White, Mormon games" as Ben calls them.

Ben and Hailey "sharing" a Dippidee brownie.  YUM!  We LOVE Dippidee.

Grandma and adobable Addy with her cute thumb sucking

Nice Face Jess:)


One on the left=my precious daily 44 oz Diet Mt Dew  One on the right: Large size here in the Philippines

Ben LOVING mom's chocolate roll.
GREAT friends, so glad we got to hang out!  We miss our friends, a lot!

Cafe Rio,  2x in 5 days, YUM!

Kevin and Tia Frazier, more great friends we are missing.  Next time we see them there will be another Frazier to love.  Cannot wait!
I had a few other pictures I wanted to post, Adam and Tonna, Rachelle, Kristen....but blogger hates me and would not let me add them for some reason.


Tiffany Johnson said...

I love the pictures you did get to post though! The size difference on the drinks is crazy!

Valerie Mom said...

Yay for more Christmas pictures. Love it.

jessicastaheli said...

Great pictures! Crazy that it was almost 6 weeks ago already. WOW. WHat's with everyone's goofy pictures of me anyway?? ;)

jessicastaheli said...

oh...haha, I just commented with my school account. WOOPS! :)