Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas at Mom's

 I love being home for the holidays. I love my in laws and spending time with them, I love seeing and experiencing new places and traditions and next year we may even stay in the Philippines to experience the holidays here.  But there really is no place like home. My mom puts a lot of time and effort into her docorations at Christmas time and it is well worth it.  Her house is filled with the Christmas spirit. It is decorated in such a way that it isn't overwhelming but there are reminders of the season everywhere.  The front room is full of nativities that the grandkids love to play with, the family room and tree decorated with Santa Clauses everywhere.  There are signs and pictures on the wall reminding us of the reason for the season, our Savior Jesus Christ.  Her Christmas tree is massive and beautiful and fills the room with that faint, warm light that you only get from lights on a tree.  It feels warm and cozy and full of love.  I love being home for the holidays.


Valerie Mom said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for the great pictures. Love you!

The Staheli's said...

Agreed. Love mom's house at Christmas time. One day, maybe I'll be as cute and decorative as her. :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

Your moms house really is super fun at Christmas. Love all the pictures!