Friday, January 14, 2011

Home for the Holidays (Post #4)

The next few days in Oregon included much eating, hanging out, shopping and just enjoying the company of family.  One of my favorite things about being with Ben's family this year was that I can now really talk and chat with his parents and aunts about the Philippines.  I talked with Ben's aunt Naomi and Rebecca extensively about little experiences we have had, the food, the weather, the culture and it was just fun to really be able to connect with them on a new level.  That is one very great thing that is happening because of living in this country.  I am able to better understand my in-laws and their culture and I think it is really a great thing for our relationship.

On Thursday of that week we went out to the Woodburn outlets and shopped to our hearts content.  I got some cute clothes, including a skirt and a dress which will be great for the new year and my new resolution to try and dress a little nicer for work.  We also went to Costco.........................................LOVE COSTCO!  I might have told you all previously about a store in Cebu called S&R that is owned and run by the same company as Costco.  It has a lot of the same brands of products and a lot of things we just can't find over here.  When we first went to S&R we thought, "wow, this is JUST like Costco.  It feeels like we are in American Fork".  Well, let me just tell you, when we walked into Costco in Salem I almost burst out laughing.  I turned to Ben and said, "S&R is NOTHING like this.  This place is HUGE and beautiful."  Haha!  It was funny to realize how quickly our perceptions can change.  It was so much fun to just walk the isles of Costco.  Loved it.

On Christmas Eve during the day we went out shopping with Ben's siblings, DJ, Elisha and Archie.  We bought tonz of stuff and just had a good time.  We ran into Brother Rank and his family  (one of Ben's young men leaders from his home ward) at the Lancaster Mall,  which we do EVERY time we are there for Christmas.  It's almost become a Christmas tradition.  Ben and I went and got me dinner at Chipotle.  Yum!

Later that evening we just hung out at the house, watched tv and relaxed until midnight when we opened all our presents.  This is much different than my house.  Christmas Eve is the night where we have tonz of family over, play games and we open one gift (always pajamas).  After being married five years I have gotten used to the way my in laws do it and actually really enjoy it now.  Ben's mom was telling us that the tradition of opening presents at midnight comes from her childhood.  Growing up in the Philippins they did not get much in the way of presents, but every Christmas Eve the children would be woken up at midnight and have a huge meal.  That was it.  It helps us appreciate all the many blessings and gifts we receive.

I was spoiled by Ben's parents who got me a Kindle.  I LOVE IT!

We got the girls these Hello Kitty bags in the Phils.  They can totally pull them off:)

Ben finally got his Five Finger Vivrams for the beach, he's quite happy.

We got the guys shoes (with the Philippines on them).

I HATE this picture, but the point is I got Ben and I these CHEESY shirts made for our PJs this year.

Typical activities in the Crisanto house on Christmas Eve

Adorable, right?

We got Ben's mom a water bottle that said something about Filipino on it, she liked it but next year wants us to bring her some dried each her own!


The Staheli's said...

keep the posts coming! :) Justin LOVE, LOVE, LOVEs his shoes, by the way. Wears them every single day. Oh, and I meant to comment on your last holiday post about the snacks. WOWZA! :) haha.

Valerie Mom said...

Fun at the Crisanto's. I'm so glad you are now feeling a little more connected to the Filipino culture. Keep the updates coming. You are doing a great job. I feel like get to be a part of your holiday in Oregon.

Tiffany Johnson said...

I want to know where my pearls and Nate's shoes are?????? :-)

Looks like a fun christmas Eve. Nate hates the fact that my family opens a bunch of presents (not all) on christmas eve.. maybe some day he'll enjoy it. :-)