Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home For The Holidays (Post #6)

 Since we were not all together for Christmas, my mom decided to have us celebrate Christmas when we were all together. All of us from out of town had arrived back in Utah by Monday, December 27 so all of the Johnsons got together and had a second Christmas morning. Everyone was there, all my siblings, their spouses (or soon to be spouse) and the kids. There were a total of 23 of us. We did the traditional reading of the Christmas story from the bible and then proceeded to open presents. It honestly felt like Christmas day. It was crazy, loud, and amazing!  We had so much fun just being together. Oh, and it wouldn't be Christmas without my moms traditional waffles with ice cream and strawberries. YUM!

Some of the beautiful Johnson girls.  Whether born in or married in, we have a pretty good looking family:)

The nieces loved being together and just being crazy

All we wanted when we got home....FOOD.  We got it in the form of gift certificates to some of our favorite places!

Only Nate could manage to get a camcorder for under the $40-50 limit.  Lucky Jordan and Melissa.

Mom and Dad with her new Kindle.  Honestly I think the best gift for them was having all of their family around them.

Eating waffles with ice cream and strawberries.  I LOVE the adoring way Addy is looking at her daddy.

Even Archie got a present, a nice coat for his cold morning walks.  He HATED it! haha

We got the nieces and nephews personalized Cebu shirts.  They LOVED them!
Just an indication of the mess that was left
The WHOLE clan looking "normal"

And more REAL normal for us!  

 The amazing thing is, the morning was just PART of the Johnson holiday.  That night we got together with the EXTENDED Johnson family and celebrated more.  We missed Grandma, this was our first Christmas without her, but I bet she was pretty pleased that we all got together.

Some of the group....not a great picture, I know!

I don't know if there is really any way to express how much I love my family. Some of the in-laws (Ben included) tell us that the Johnsons are a tiny bit "arrogant" because we think we are so awesome, haha!  But honestly, just looking at these pictures I feel there is complete truth to the statement "Happiness is being a Johnson".


Tiffany Johnson said...

LMBO!!!!!!! That last part was awesome!! haha. I just speak the truth, whether or not its a bad thing, is to be determined! haha. Love you!

The Staheli's said...

haha! So true. We ARE awesome...
Cute pictures. It's fun to see the different shots everyone got of the same day. :)

Julie Knowlton said...

Its fun to see all these pics! Makes me a little jealous. :)