Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas-Shangri La Style

The Knowltons, Rock Star Style at the "Members Only" party at the Shangri La

We were required to wear "flowing white"....not sure what that means.   Ben looks pretty hot in his Barong though, right?

If any of you think this picture is a little inappropriate...I agree:).  His excuse was that this firedancer is also an agent at his call center.  Gotta make a living!

So glad we get to share these fun times with friends.  It was a great night of fire dancers, drumming, good food, Brazilian martial arts and awesome awards (I got a free foot massage at the spa).

"flowing white".  I guess we did pretty good.  Who ever thought we would be in a tropical paradise for a Christmas Party?

Ben LOVES this little boy! While we were home in the US he even said to me, "I miss Beau". 

The little Christmas village was up in the Shangri La lobby the whole month of December.

The Christmas decor made us feel right at home


Valerie Mom said...

You and Ben look gorgeous in these photos. Wonderful place for a Christmas party. So glad you could experience Christmas in Paradise.

Julie Knowlton said...

Awww, I love that Ben missed Beau. Trust me, Beau missed Ben too. I am glad you guys are back. Love all the pics. Thank you Shangri La for making us wear flowing white.

Amy Sue said...

How fun! You guys look fabulous!

Tiffany Johnson said...

um.. LOVE the flowing white! You guys look AMAZING!!!!