Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benson's Birth Story (Part 2)

The following day, Wednesday January 4th, I woke up so sick! I was actually GLAD the induction had been moved to Friday at that point.  Also, I had talked to my mom and she had been thinking of driving to Vegas with my sister in law, but when she found out they wouldn't induce Sierra until Friday she decided to wait and drive with my dad that day.  I talked to her on the phone that morning and she said "just watch, now that I decided not to come she will go into labor."  Well, at about noon that day Ben came to find me in Kimmie's house where I was taking a hot bath trying to help myself feel better.  He was calling for me and I could tell something was up by the tone of his voice.  It was...they were on the way to the hospital, Sierra's water was "leaking".  Seriously? There was no way I was going anywhere being so sick! Ben got ready and took himself to the hospital.  I was SO worried that our little man was going to be born that day and I was not going to be able to meet him.  Ugh, talk about frustrating.  My mom was pretty upset about the timing too.  But, even with all that going on, there was sheer excitement of the fact that this little guy was finally on his way!
The day went on, Ben stayed at the hospital and then ended up in a different location than me.  (Long story, details to be shared someday, but not now)  That day was probably one of the longest and most stressful of my entire life.  I can't really give all the details of what made it stressful (in addition to being deathly ill and our sons birth mother being in labor), but let's just say that I have NEVER felt more anxiety than I did that day. We were about 99.9% positive that Sierra was sure of her decision, so it wasn't that.  Our concerns came from other places and comments that were made by people involved.  I wish I could give the details and maybe someday I can, but let's just say I felt the whole thing being ripped out from under me and could do nothing about it.  It was the worst feeling ever! I am grateful for Byron Williams who gave me the best advice that night and literally saved my sanity that weekend.  He pretty much told me to just suck it up.  We were SO close to the end, so close to finally having this baby, just suck it all up and smile through it and keep my mouth shut.  Anyone who knows me knows that is extremely difficult for me.  Talk about a learning experience!
I finally started feeling better (physically) and therefore went to go be with Ben.  It was SO nice to be back together and talk through everything that was going on and just be together while our little guy was being born.  Sierra's birth plan did not include us being at the hospital while she was in labor, so we spent the night receiving and waiting on texts from the caseworker letting us know what was going on.  It was probably the worst night of sleep ever (probably didn't help that Ben and I were sleeping on a couch together, one of us lying down while the other sat upright).  I couldn't complain though, because no matter how uncomfortable or anxious we were, this amazing girl was in the most amount of pain she has ever experienced, suffering in order to give us the most amazing gift possible.  Obviously, my discomfort was NOTHING compared to what she was experiencing.  For journaling purposes I will give you some of the details though.  These are the details I received through text messages from the caseworker who was at the hospital with Sierra and her mom.

2 PM Everyone arrives at the hospital and the doctor says they will induce labor today.
8 PM Start pitocin and contractions really start around 8:45
10:25 PM she was dilated to a 6 and we were told she would get the epidural then
11:03 AM water actually broke, experiencing very heavy contractions, dilated to an 8
12:30 AM finally gave her the epidural
3:53 AM dilated to a 10
5:47 AM Sierra has a fever and they have to give her antibiotics.  There is concern she may have to have a c-section.
6:48 Start pushing

These are the texts I received and the moment that my life changed forever!!

The second picture (first picture exposes too much) that we received of our son!  He doesn't look too happy to be here, but we were ecstatic!!

Benson with his amazing birth mom right after his birth.  
I know a lot of people are sad for us that we missed out on actually being there for when our son was born.  Don't feel sad for us.  We had our own amazing, overwhelming and spiritual experience when he entered this world and will remember those moments forever.  We immediately began texting our family and friends and sharing the joy!!  

More to come.  


Steve and Alli said...

Thanks for sharing, it's fun to hear some of the details that we miss out on being so far away!

The Staheli's said...

Great posts. Keep 'em coming. Hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you guys on Friday. :)

Jennica said...

I can't believe she pushed that long! UGH>...poor thing!! But love the story. Love reading it!!