Sunday, August 1, 2010


The 2nd day we were in Boston we knew we wanted to see as much of the history of Boston as we could. So, we got a free tour of the Freedom Trail and really enjoyed it. It was very hot again, but hearing about the "Boston Massacre" and the "Boston Tea Party" and the start of the Revolutionary War made it all worth it. I am not a big history buff, but it was so amazing to be there.

This is the where the tour began at the State House.

I thought this picture was quite amusing cause you can see Ben wiping the sweat from his forehead. It was ok when we were in the shade, but in the sun....SO HOT!

Part of the Freedom Trail is to see Paul Revere's House....again, not a history buff, but seeing it and being there was such a different experience than reading about it in a book.

This building isn't historical, but it just epitomizes the beauty of the old brick buildings in Boston. I loved the way everything looked. Oh...and the restaurant in this building was called "Carmen" so I am sure that had something to do with why I liked it so much.

Ben standing by The Paul Revere statue in the North End (which was also where we had our dinner that night and it was THE BEST Italian food I have ever eaten)

This was in one of the places on the Freedom Trail. It is a memorial to all of the soldiers lost in the War in Afghanistan. Each of those silver things is a set of blank dog tags representing one soldier lost. It was very moving.

I do not like this picture of myself, but who cares, I need to record our trip and if that means posting pictures of me I don't like, then so be it. This was us before we got on our "duck tour" of Boston. They use these WW II style amphibeous vehicle to take you on a tour of Boston on land and on the river. It was pretty cool, but I was TIRED and HOT and kept practically passing out during the trip. Plus, it was too long for any of us.

Adam and Tonna on our duck with us. We were so glad they could come down and spend the day in Boston with us on Friday. It was more fun with them.

After the duck tour we went to the Boston Public Library, which is the first public library in the country. The building was gorgeous inside and out, but it was closing as we arrived. We just had to make sure we got pictures of Ben being "gallant" or maybe just a little nerdy.

Sadly enough I left my camera in the car when we walked down to the North End and went to dinner. It was such a yummy dinner. Then we went to Mike's Pastry and got like a billion different kinds of Canoli's and an eclair that was to die for. It was very yummy and the perfect end to a great day in Boston. It did start to pour on our walk back to the car, but we welcomed the rain after how hot it had been.

The Boston part of our trip was over and we left and drove back to Portland Maine and to Adam and Tonna's cute house that night. Boston was awesome and we could not have asked for a more fun start to our trip (although Ben didn't get his Celtics hat or to get into the Garden..)

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Susie said...

Uh... I left a comment here the other day, or thought I did, and then I read your post about not getting any comments and I thought to myself - so I guess I'm nobody, huh? Turns out my comment didn't make the cut for some reason or another. Anyway, here it is:
If I had a choice between going to Mike's Pastries or Disneyland, I'm pretty sure Mike's would win. Yum.