Monday, August 23, 2010


Our last day in New York City was the only day there was even a smidge of rain. The best part was, it only started raining when we were leaving so it didn't ruin any of our plans. On Friday morning we got up and went to see the Manhatten Temple. We didn't do a session because Ben forgot to bring church clothes, haha. Nice. It is a gorgeous building.

Ben HAD to go to Madison Square Garden but we missed the tour, too bad:(.

The Shake Shack was another food place that we were told, by my good friend Becca, to go to. Um, ya....SO yummy! Glad we didn't decide to skip the line. We did have to run home through the rain but it was worth it!

Off we went to the airport. Our 3 City trip was over and we were on our way home knowing we would be leaving for Cebu in less than 3 weeks. Wow! Well, this trip was the perfect send off! We love the U.S.A!

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