Sunday, August 15, 2010


When we finally arrived in New York City we went straight to our hotel. It was in an aweseome location. We dropped our stuff and went out to see the city. Honestly, my blackberry was our best buddy on this trip. I just went to my trusty google maps and put in where I wanted to go and it gave us walking or subway directions. It was awesome! I actually used my blackberry the last time I was in NYC and felt the same way, which would probably explain how I had a dream a few weeks back that I was walking through NYC by myself and my blackberry died....and I was panicked, haha! What did we do before these new trinkets?

The first place we endeavored to see was the Empire State Building. The problem was that we ran into a homeless man, sprawled on the sidewalk, not moving. He had a sign and cup looking as though it had been dropped right next to him. I wish I had my camera, but I didn't. There were people just walking by, hanging out right around there and paying no attention to him. Mind you, this guy was not off to the side, he was in the MIDDLE of the sidewalk. Well, Ben, being the nice guy that he is, stopped and tried to wake the guy up. He clapped, yelled a little and when he got no response he shook him...with no response. He checked his pulse...still alive! So, he kept shaking him. Finally, someone called the NYPD and they came to check on him. Ya...kind of crazy. Maybe it was the heat!

So, thanks to our little distraction, we literally walked right by the Empire State Building. The funny thing is the guy at the information desk said it happens all the time, haha. I guess if you don't look up, it just looks like another building. But, because we missed it, we ran right into the Macy's Department Store on 34th St. We then walked up to Times Square and looked around, ate at the McDonalds in Times Square and just had fun being in such a famous place.
I know you think it's weird that we were in NYC and went to McDonald's, but this one is different.

Later that night we went back to the Empire State Building to actually go up to the observation deck and take some pictures since my camera was finally charged. Here are a few pictures.

This is one of my favorites because we were in line in front of a group of Japanese young adults. I was dying because they were standing RIGHT behind me, like when I would one inch, they would move one inch. It was like they had to be touching me at all times. So, I made Ben move over there so I could take a picture of how close they really were:)


We then had to take the subway over to something else we went and ate Gray's Papaya hot dogs. I had seen them on movies and such so I though they must be good....I wasn't that impressed. People might think I am crazy, but I would take a Costco hotdog over this any day!

A not so pretty picture of me waiting for the subway. Can you tell I am hot?

And we had to return to Times Square with the camera and at night! Sorry for all the pictures, but they are really for me:)

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