Friday, August 20, 2010


My little brother Adam and his wife Tonna always know the good places to eat and they did not fail us here. On our third day in Manhatten we took the subway and found Doughnut Plant which came highly recommended. Let me tell you, they were not wrong. These donuts were amazing! If you go to NYC, do not miss out on this place.

As you can see from my face, I quite enjoyed it. The one that I like the best was actually a jelly filled square donut called Peanut Butter and Jelly. Um, I hate peanut butter, but this was nothing like anything I have ever tasted before. So yummy!

I promise our whole day was not about food, but we had just heard of some places that you can't miss. The next of these was Carnegie Deli. I actually didn't order anything cause I wasn't that hungry (see picture above) and because it was pretty dang expensive for a sandwich. Well, there is a reason for that (see picture below). I have NEVER seen more meat on a sandwich in my life. Crazy! But, Ben loved it! I did end up losing a $20.00 bill at the deli too, which was a little disappointing since I could have just bought a sandwich and at least got something for my money.

After lunch we walked through Central Park. I wish we could have seen more, but that is one big park:)

Then we walked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I would have liked to spend more time there, but for anyone who is thinking about going to NYC go to the museums first. By this time in our trip my feet were killing me, I could barely stand, let alone walk around a huge museum. But, we did walk around some and enjoyed it.

That night we went to Mary Poppins on Broadway. I was really wanting to go see WICKED but you can't get discount tickets so we bought these instead. Um, can I say AMAZING! It was such a fun show to watch. WE both loved it.

Another busy day on our vacation, but just so much fun!


The White's said...

Wow that food looked GOOD, Im glad your having so much FUN!!

The Staheli's said...

Your comments were pretty funny. :P I know I'm spoiled, that's why I highlighted "less spoiled" haha. AND, your blog is great. I am certain people just forget or think you haven't posted in a while because you took like a year long break. :P :)
That picture is way worse of me. But ya...kind of goofy all together. Which was the point.
When are you getting your phone at home? It's weird. Last night I was thinking I would call you since I was home alone, nothing to do. But nope...can't call. :( Miss you guys! Hope you're doing well. Love ya tons!