Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 1, 2013

I have not posted about our family happenings for 6 months!  6 months!!!!!  Because it has been so long I have been overwhelmed with the idea of catching up and I just keep putting it off.  So, I made a decision to start from today and if and when I have time to post about all our goings on over the last six months, then I will.  But, we are starting with October 1st and moving forward.

Benson is doing the cutest things lately.  He just started "skipping" when he walks.  Its like a little hop every few steps and he does it when he is happy.  He has become a bit obsessed with belly buttons.  He loves any type of button, so the fact that he has one on his body makes him very happy.  He can say so many words and is saying new ones every day.  He especially loves trucks, buses, airplanes, helicopters and anything else big and loud.  He is all boy!  The other thing memorable he started doing today was yelling "baby" at me.  I could not figure out what he was trying to say until I realized he seemed to be yelling it every time I "babied him" and I really think he might have been trying to tell me that he isn't a baby! WOAH!  When did that happen?  He still is my baby and always will be :).

The first picture below was taken this evening at the Provo softball fields.  Benson and I picked up Grandma and headed down there to watch Nate's championship game.  It was Benson's first softball/baseball experience and he LOVED it.  Did he have any idea what was going on?  Nope, but this kid loves anything and everything that gets him outside.  He ran and played on the grass with the girls, had his first snow cone, climbed up the bleachers, pointed out every airplane that flew over and just had fun. Plus, as soon as he saw Nate walk up to the fence with the bat he pointed with this big grin of recognition on his face.  He isn't saying names yet, but he knows and recognizes his family.  He was in heaven.   

October 1, 2013

While sitting there watching Benson run around that park, I was reminded of one of the first memories I have after moving back to Utah six years ago.   We were in the same place to watch Nate play softball on August 17, 2007.  Hailey was just a little baby and Ben played with her on the same patch of grass where she, Benson and Addy were playing now.  I remember sitting on the bleachers and thinking "this is why we moved home, the simple life; family, evening softball games, beautiful weather, getting away from the stress and craziness of it all".  Tonight I realized that although it has taken us six years we really have finally attained the "simple life" we were looking for.  I am staying at home full time with our son, Ben is literally gone 18 hours out of the day to support us, we are living in a a basement apartment that is simple but comfortable, and we are truly happy.  This is what we were looking for.
 August 18, 2007

Life is moving quickly and these pictures and memories reminded me of that.  Maybe six years from now we will be attending a softball game watching Hailey or Addy, or maybe even Benson...who knows, but I cannot wait to find out. 

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The Staheli's said...

I'm so glad you are getting to live the simple life that you pictured. I love hearing about Benson and what fun things he's doing. Can't wait to see you guys all again someday soon. :)