Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 19, 2013

Today was such a great day.  I forget how much of a difference it makes for us to be outside and today we spent practically the whole day outside.  We hiked up to Stewart Falls with my mom, Rachelle, Jessica, Nate, Avery and Hailey.  It was so much fun and so beautiful.  I love Utah most of the time, but Fall is my favorite.  We were able to borrow a hiking backpack from a friend of Rachelle's, so Benson got the ride of his life.  He was so comfortable he even fell asleep in it on the hike back.  

Tonight, Ben actually got home from work in time for us to go out to a movie.  So, DJ and Archie came and babysat Benson and Avery while we went to the movie, The Saratov Approach.  It was such a well done movie and a very inspiring story.  Plus it was nice to actually go out with my husband.  It's been too long.

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