Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

Today was a pretty calm day.  We did have to take Benson to the doctor this morning.  A red zit like spot showed up on his cheek on Sunday and its been getting worse.  I looked it up online and MRSA came up, so I had to take him in just to be safe (I know, I am paranoid).  It was an infection so the doctor prescribed an antibiotic and said if it isn't improving within 2 days to come back and have it tested for more serious infections (like MRSA).  Hopefully it improves, poor kid.

Tonight I felt like a good mom cause I made salmon burgers for dinner with kale chips and Benson loved the Kale chips.  :)

Benson LOVES to brush his teeth.  I make him let me brush them for 10 seconds on the top and then 10 seconds on the bottom.  After that he is on his own.  Today he realized he could pull his potty over and use it as a stool to reach the water.  I foresee him being at the bathroom a sink a lot from now on.

He has also decided he LOVES the moon.  He is so excited when he sees it and repeats over and over again "moo"...(meaning moon, he has a habit of not saying the last letter of words).  Tonight he wanted to actually go outside and see the moon before he would go to bed.  He said "nigh nigh" to the moon and waved at it.  So sweet.

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The Staheli's said...

SO CUTE! I feel like I have such similar pictures of Avery brushing her teeth at the same age. I LOVE IT! :)