Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013

Today was a day with a few firsts.  Benson said a few new words today, "blankie" and "monkey". He says a lot of words, but  he does not talk to anyone other than us.  He says things like shower and stroller almost perfectly, he says airplane and helicopter and butterfly and now belly button multiple times a day. If I counted all of the words he knows it would probably be hundreds, but who has time for that :)?  It is amazing to hear his little voice and each day it seems to be easier and easier to understand as his speaking becomes more and more clear.  Another word he says lately is "money".  When he sees coins on the floor or in the car he gets this goofy grin and then grabs it and we take it in and he puts it into his "future missionary" bank.  He thinks it is so fun to get the coins in himself and to hear them jingle around the can. I love to see his chubby baby fingers wrapped around the words "future missionary" as he maneuvers around like a pro to get those pennies in the slot.

Another thing he did for the first time today was get his own sock on.  He has been trying and trying to put socks on for the past couple of weeks.  He gets super frustrated when he can't do it.  Well, this morning I was distracted with Ella and I heard his little voice say "mom." and when I looked down at him he had the proudest face on and pointed to the sock.  He was SO proud of himself and so excited to share with me.  I was super excited and so proud of him too. 

Below is just a quick look at what my living room floor looks like 90% of the time.  I am pretty sure I clean these toys up at least 4x a day.  It gets pretty exhausting.  The funny thing is, after the 3rd time cleaning it today Benson came out and while playing turned the entire box of toys upside down on the floor and then proceeded to spread them everywhere with the biggest grin on his face.  While there is an urge to stop him for fear of having to clean it all up again, I bite my tongue and just smile just knowing how much fun it is for him to do it.  I can teach him cleanliness later on, right now it is all about fun and exploring. 

Another BIG first today was Benson decided he wanted to try and poo on the toilet.  I have been thinking for a while that I needed to start the potty training process, but with him not even being 21 months old and with all of our moving and changing there just didn't seem to be the right time.  He tells me when he is going to poo, so I know he is pretty ready.  But tonight was the first time he has really tried to go.  He was pretty adorable as he would sit for a minute and then immediately look behind him into the bowl to see if anything was there.  LOL.  No luck tonight, but potty training is starting soon and we are hoping he continues to think it's a novelty and fun.  Hope no one is offended by his pictures, but he had just gotten out of the tub and it was too big of a moment not to get pictures.

This age is amazing as it really seems he is doing something new every single day.  It is so fun to be a part of all of these firsts. 

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