Friday, October 4, 2013

October 3, 2013

Benson has started doing the cutest things when he wakes up.  I walk into his room and he is so happy to see me but immediately turns around, grabs his bear and hands it to me, then grabs his lion and hands it to me, and finally grabs his blue blankie and hands it to me.  As soon as I have all his precious items in my arms he reaches his hands up for me to pick him up too.  He then cuddles all of the items and me at the same time.  It is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. This blankie was given to him by his birth Grandma at the hospital.  He had it with him in the NICU and ever since.  I love that this is the blanket he is attached to.  The bear was given to him by Grandma Johnson and the lion was in storage from our move and he clung on to it as soon as it came out of the box.  It actually came from a set I bought at Deseret Book before he was even born.  I love that he loves these things.  At nap and bed time he will cuddle with and talk to his "friends".  I die when I hear it!  So adorable.

 I have been wanting to do this fun family magnet craft for a LONG time.  It's been on my pinterest for like a year.  Well, I finally did it and am so happy with the results.  We have magnets of every single person in our family.  We love that even if we don't see some of them often, Benson can know who they are a recognize them and hopefully learn each of their names.  I will say that while I was making these I just kept thinking "we have too many people in our family :)".  Haha, I obviously do not craft much. And for anyone wondering, size of picture does not correspond to importance or value of the particular person.  :)

Benson and Ella were more enemies than friends today.  I played mediator most of the day as they went after each others toys and food and were constantly at each other.  But, they did have a few moments of fun together.  Spinning each other in the office chair brought peels of laughter (more like Ella spinning Benson, cause as soon as she wanted a turn he threw a fit).  They also really enjoyed pushing each other in Ella's plastic car (actually, again, Benson only enjoyed that when Ella was pushing him.  I am sensing a theme here).  It was a fun day and we are interested to see what tomorrow brings.

Benson truly is the joy and light in each of our days.  Tonight as I was repeating the bed time "story/poem" that we recite each night I actually started to cry.  It is all about how special and unique and loved and important he is, and for just a moment I realized that he may not always feel that from every person in his life.  It broke my heart. The mother in me wants to protect him from everything and everyone that might hurt him.  For now, I can and will protect him and I will just worry about the future when it gets here. 


Tonna said...

I love the magnet idea. I must copy it.

The Staheli's said...

I love the magnet idea too!!! I love that you are blogging again, and that it's all the little things. But it certainly makes me miss that little guy even more. Give him a big hug for me! ♥