Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 13, 2013

Sundays have been hard for us lately for multiple reasons.  We have 1 PM church, which means church literally starts right as Benson normally goes down for a 3 hour nap.  Then, Benson has not been a fan of nursery, so one of us either stays with him or he comes to Primary with us because Ben and I were called as Primary teachers.  We have dinner with family, which is fun, but since Benson is exhausted by that time of the day we normally end up leaving early with a pretty unhappy boy.  It's been rough.  But, today was different.  First, Ben did not work!  He let me sleep which was so nice.  Then, Benson took a nap (yes, we skipped the first 2 hours of church to let him do so, sorry).   When Ben dropped him off at nursery.....he stayed, he played, he colored, he snacked....woohoo!!!!  After church we had Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.  Um, one of the many blessings of being both American and Canadian.  Two Thanksgivings!  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes,  yes please!  Plus, with a well rested child, it was just lots of fun.  Then, the past 2 weeks we have skyped with our Oregon family.  It's been so fun for us, but especially for Benson to see his Lolo and Lola and Tita Elisha and show off for them.  He still doesn't talk to them much, but he runs around and acts crazy.  He loves it and I think they do too.  Gotta love technology.  So, today was a great Sunday, hopefully it's the first of many.

Thanksgiving Decor

Benson LOVE his cousins (and the computer)

The past few weeks Monika has been around.  He loves this cousin too!

He loves the toys at Grandma's, especially being able to crawl into the wagon and play with blocks at the same time.

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