Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Lately Benson loves books and reading.  Today I walked into his room and found this.  Pretty dang adorable.

He has started to mimic everything we do (yikes) and today I had an "owie" on my foot so I put a band-aid on it.  Of course he wanted one too.  The best part about it is while he was trying to put it on he had this painful face on and kept saying "owie" even though there was no owie there, haha.  Hilarious.

He LOVES to spin in circles, but the best part is when he stops and tries to walk....and falls down.  It is quite hilarious.

Today he decided he wanted to sit IN the box with the toys.  I even tried to empty the toys out and let him sit there and he refused, he put all the toys back in and THEN got back in on top of them, lol.

I figure I should be in some of the pictures since Benson and I are together 24/7.  This was us tonight, winding down and watching The Voice and Dancing With the Stars. This kid loves singing and dancing so much.

This is most of Benson's interaction with daddy.  They can talk for 10 minutes straight though.  My favorite part is when Benson will put one of his toys up to the phone like he is "showing" Ben.  It is quite cute.  Tonight I heard Benson start yelling "DADDY"... and thought it was kind of weird since he had never done that when they were on the phone before, so I went over to check what was up.  He had hung up on Ben but didn't know why daddy wasn't talking anymore so he just started yelling his name.  It was QUITE cute.

This is showing two of Bensons favorite things.  He is playing with these 3 circular magnets that he thinks are so awesome (I know, choking hazard) and he is "hiding" behind his chair.  He runs to get behind it and as soon as he does he starts to giggle until you find him. 
It seems the family magnets are working.  Today at lunch time I asked Benson who the pictures were and he knew SO many more names than I thought.  Some of them he said perfectly (or as perfectly as possible for a toddler) were Cowdery, Jordan, Justin, Lolo, DJ and a few more.  I was so impressed.  I think he especially liked that if he said one right I would give him a high five, he thought that was pretty cool. 

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