Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Two years ago today was the day we got THE CALL!  We were told Sierra had picked us and our lives changed forever.  I remember vividly that excitement and feeling of unbelief that we were going to get a baby.  And now, here we are, two years later with a toddler.  WOW!  It is flying by.  I am sure I will be saying that every single year for the rest of my life.  It is just amazing how fast it is going.

Benson and I went to PetSmart this morning.  He LOVES seeing all the fish, lizards, snakes, frogs and birds.  I really think he could be there for hours if I let him.  Afterwards we went over to the mall to play on the playground and just hang out.  Benson wasn't a huge fan of the playground.  He doesn't do well with too many kids, pushing, not taking turns, just being aggressive.  He is already pretty timid but put him in that type of situation and he just shuts down.  So, he went down the slide once and then was done.  We just ended up walking the mall and he loved the opportunity to just run up and down long hallways.  He also loved watching the RC Helicopter at the toys kiosk.  He sat and watched it fly for probably 5 straight minutes, without even moving.  This kid is ALL boy.  He loves helicopters, airplanes, trains, trucks, buses and all other things that move and make loud noises. He also loves to punch and bite...both boy things in my mind.

Lately he loves to help me clean.  He has his own broom and then he holds the dustpan for me as well.  This is him dumping it into the garbage.  Such a big helper.

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